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Drive 30% Higher Buyer Engagement With a Unified Enablement Platform

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As enablement professionals, you need reps to engage in your programs to drive consistent execution. As marketers, you need reps to share your content with buyers to generate pipeline. As sales leaders, you need streamlined workflows so reps can seamlessly engage buyers.

How does using one platform for all of your sales enablement efforts help enablement, marketing, and sales boost performance?

By using a single solution to equip, train, and coach your reps, and analyze performance—you can realize more value from your enablement technology investments, increase usage of your marketing content, and upskill reps to engage buyers more effectively. Here are tips to accelerate sales performance with a unified enablement platform.

Unify Rep Workflows to Enhance Tool Adoption

A key responsibility for any sales enablement team is to maximize rep adoption of their enablement tool to ensure they derive value from it. When reps use several tools throughout their workday, increasing the adoption of each one can be challenging. In fact, 51% of customers struggled with low sales team adoption of their previous enablement solution before Highspot. By consolidating your sales enablement tech stack so your content lives with your sales training and engagement programs, you can streamline rep workflows and boost the adoption of a singular platform.

TIP: Streamline and expedite rep workflows by leveraging a unified platform for your sales enablement needs. Reps only have to go to one place for their enablement resources, eliminating the need to bounce between tools and giving them time back to sell. When customers use Highspot to equip, train, and coach sellers, they see a 10% increase in platform adoption and reps find the content they need 40% faster than with separate solutions.

Merchandise Your Content to Drive Usage

Every marketing team strives to get their reps to use their content with buyers. It can be challenging though, as up to 70% of marketing content goes unused. Promoting your content, or merchandising it, in the same place where reps also access their guidance, training, and coaching can increase its adoption and effectiveness. Not only can reps easily discover the right content when leveraging a unified platform, but they also spend more time understanding the material and engaging buyers with it than when using multiple tools.

TIP: Leverage your enablement platform to merchandise your content with reps. With Highspot, you can promote content in search results, surface assets across all of your enablement programs, and seamlessly embed them in rep workflows through more than 100 integrations. Spotlighting content in places where reps can easily access it, accompanied by guidance and training, enables them to use it more often and in the right ways. When merchandising your content across the Highspot platform, reps spend 3x more time viewing content and share 2x more content with buyers.

Connect Content With Training to Boost Sales Effectiveness

When sales teams complete training in one tool, access their content in a separate solution, and engage with buyers in yet another, that back-and-forth creates friction within the rep experience which impacts the buyer experience. Before using Highspot, 64% of customers struggled with a disjointed seller experience. With a unified enablement platform, you can equip reps with the right content and train and coach them with the right behaviors to engage buyers in a seamless experience.

TIP: Include your buyer-facing content in training to reinforce the assets that reps will use in the field. Weaving content into your sales training allows reps to learn how to use it effectively. You can also teach reps what good looks like by including meeting recordings that show how other sellers have successfully landed a message with buyers. Then, reps can submit their own video pitch to practice their talk track which managers can use to coach them – shortening the gap from learning to action. When reinforced in sales training lessons, external content in Highspot has 30% higher buyer engagement.


Eliminate your separate point solutions and consolidate your enablement efforts with a single unified platform. Doing so will allow you to unify rep workflows, drive adoption of your sales content, and connect your content with your training to create a streamlined rep – and buyer – experience. A unified approach to sales enablement is the key to enhancing your sales readiness efforts and developing a consistent method of sales execution.

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