How Nasuni Boosted Rep Engagement by 16%

Nasuni develops a cohesive and strategic approach to enablement with Highspot’s unified platform.

recurring usage rate of Highspot
improved engagement in enablement programs
content findability achieved


With a dedicated focus on cloud file services, the team at Nasuni is very familiar with the organizational challenges that can hold companies back from success. Since beginning operations in the early 2000s, Nasuni has served more than 10,000 locations and managed 27 billion files with its forward-looking approach to cloud storage. A foundational part of the Nasuni sales cycle is focused on education and showing customers how a cloud storage solution will grow their business. The Nasuni team accomplished this by developing robust external sales collateral and implementing a solid strategic training program for reps. Through Highspot, Nasuni was able to centralize and unify its internal and external sales materials to better enable its teams for success, enhancing overall content findability by 86%.






Disjointed Systems Caused Confusion and Limited Efficiency

Prior to Highspot, Nasuni had sales collateral spread across multiple systems, including an existing content management platform, internal interface, and communication tool. Without a single source of truth that could effectively unify these systems, there was often confusion about where resources were living and how to access the most up-to-date versions. Meanwhile, the ad-hoc nature of how sellers distributed sales collateral to prospects and customers also offered no visibility into what resonated with buyers. This made it challenging for reps to deliver a personalized experience to drive their sales cycle forward.

Not only did this make it difficult for reps to find the content they needed, it also led to unclear expectations for sellers on what they needed to do to be successful. “They need to know what’s expected of them, but they also need to know how to execute on that,” shared Jenn Haskell, the director of sales enablement and global sales training at Nasuni. Nasuni needed to create a simpler and more efficient way to equip its sales teams with the right materials.

The value of sales enablement is bringing your reps to a point where they can become productive quickly.

Jenn HaskellDirector of Sales Enablement and Training, Nasuni


A Single Source of Truth Creates Consistency

To create more cohesive foundational building blocks for their sales enablement efforts, Nasuni implemented Highspot across both internal and external content channels. This meant moving from two or three separate systems that were used to provide information to sellers to a single, unified sales enablement platform. Not only has this made it easier for reps to communicate with documentation externally, but it has also offered unprecedented visibility into how sales content performs and resonates with customers.

Within their new unified system, Nasuni’s enablement team utilized Highspot capabilities like Spots to seamlessly organize assets and Sales Plays to educate sellers internally with contextual guidance on unique selling scenarios. “We took advantage of the opportunity to bring in an internal sales resources page, which really became the first stop for all our sellers to get what they needed,” said Haskell. This has helped make the internal process of clarifying expectations on what to use and how to execute more consistent across the board.

Additionally, Pitch Templates helped the team enable easy personalization for sellers of their customer interactions to better educate customers throughout the sales cycle, even before making direct contact over the phone or in person. And through Highspot Analytics, the team can now track what is being pitched and how it is landing with customers. “It’s creating an overall strategy for what that external-facing communication looks like and then we can track the effectiveness of it,” noted Haskell. These resources have been such a draw to sellers that the recurring usage rate of Highspot is now at 81%.

For me, I knew we absolutely had to implement Highspot because it would give us a level of visibility into the content we create and what resonates with customers in a way that we haven’t historically had.

Jenn HaskellDirector of Sales Enablement and Training, Nasuni


More Engaged Reps Leads to Higher Performance

With a unified system to equip sales teams and enhanced visibility into what works, Nasuni developed a more cohesive and strategic approach to sales enablement. The sales enablement team is able to consistently engage reps with the right materials at the right time and empower them to execute effectively with a single source of truth. In fact, rep engagement in enablement programs has risen by 16% since implementing Highspot. As reps have become more deeply engaged in enablement programs, Nasuni has noticed a correlation to improved performance.

It's been huge for us because we can see our top performing reps are always the ones that are most engaged in using Highspot.

Jenn HaskellDirector of Sales Enablement and Training, Nasuni

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