DemandScience Creates Its First Sales Enablement Function With Highspot

Key Results
  • Single Unified Platform for Content Management and Training
  • 44% Increase in Opportunity Creation by New Hires
  • 72% Increase in Closed Revenue by Reps in Their First 3 Months
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DemandScience is a global leader in B2B data and pipeline growth. Yet, the company that is focused on helping others grow struggled to address the challenges of rapid growth. DemandScience had a small sales team that relied on grassroots information sharing and a lot of institutional knowledge. “Everything on the sales team was very much ‘hey, do you have that document?’” remembers Jeff Gunderson, Director of Sales Enablement and Training at DemandScience. “When you are a small team, you can get away with that.” However, as the business grew, so did the need for a content management platform that would bring scalability to the sales function. “That lone wolf mindset isn’t replicable when you want to hire more people and fit them into a process,” says Gunderson.

Fast forward to 2019, when DemandScience created a brand-new sales enablement function and began the search for a new platform that ultimately led to Highspot. “I moved into our first sales enablement role, and my first task was to identify a content management platform,” says Gunderson. After evaluating other tools, including Dropbox and VOX, Gunderson decided on Highspot in large part for its scalability. “I knew that, as a sales team, we were going in a certain ramped up direction,” he says. “Highspot offered the content management we needed in the here, and now as well as training capabilities I knew we would need in the future.” It turned out to be a prescient choice. Says Gunderson: “I’m happy to say our needs matured with Highspot, and we grew into the platform.”

Before Highspot, new hires were selling an average $58,000 dollars in their first three months. Today that number is over $100,000.
Jeff Gunderson, Director of Sales Enablement and Training, DemandScience

A quest to improve content management and employee learning all from a single platform.

When Gunderson set out to find a new platform for sales reps at DemandScience, the foremost goal was to get content management under control. “Content management was a pain point the whole company was aware of,” says Gunderson. Often, new pitch decks were sent out in mass emails, and documents were stored on individual desktops. “There was no easy way to get aligned on the latest materials,” says Gunderson. “We even realized that, six months after a rebrand from PureB2B, people were still using materials associated with the old brand.” Keeping content up to date was a constant headache. “For years, the process was to email out pitch decks, and then mass email everyone again just to fix a typo,” remembers Gunderson.

While content management was the most pressing issue, Gunderson was also eager to find a learning platform. “I realized that, with Highspot, I could kill two birds with one stone,” he says. “What started as a quest for better content management grew into a realization that we could onboard and train new reps efficiently all from one platform.”


“It feels like there is always something new” – Highspot evolves alongside the business.

As a quickly growing business in need of a scalable sales-enablement solution, DemandScience gravitated to Highspot as the platform that could evolve and grow with the business. “We’ve outgrown a lot of tech over the years,” says Gunderson. “With Highspot, it feels like there is always something new.” In one case of synchronicity, just as they were beginning to search for a learning management system (LMS), Highspot debuted a new training capability, Training and Coaching. “It’s one less piece of tech we have to roll out,” notes Gunderson. “I’m trying to cut down on the number of vendors we use and utilize what we already have. Highspot is a diverse platform that has helped us consolidate really well.” Not only does standardizing on a single unified platform help DemandScience save costs, reps’ lives are easier when all the tools they need are in one place. “It means one less thing for people to navigate,” says Gunderson.

On average, new hires created 27 new opportunities in their first six months. After using Highspot, that number jumped by 44% percent.
Jeff Gunderson, Director of Sales Enablement and Training, DemandScience

Gunderson is a fan of creating custom homepages for various user groups in Highspot—a feature he says helps the platform feel more personalized. “I like that it doesn’t have to be one size fits all,” he says. “When international sellers log in to Highspot, or when marketing folks log in, it feels like it was built for them.” SmartPages are another stand-out feature at DemandScience; in his role as Director of Training, Gunderson uses a “new hire playbook” Smart Page to help new sales reps understand their role. “We use a Smart Page to embed video and all the information new hires need to hit the sales floor,” he says. “By the time they begin their first day, they know exactly what to do.” And, the existence of the SmartPages feature helped Gunderson consolidate yet again, replacing LucidChart with a capability available directly in Highspot.


“A willingness to jump in and engage” – Using Highspot delivers results.

In the two-plus years DemandScience has been using Highspot, the results have more than proven the value of the tool. “Highspot really helped us with our go-to-market strategy,” says Gunderson. “Instead of having endless team meetings and training, we used Highspot to get everyone ready in two weeks. In the past the same process would have taken more than a month.”

What started as a group of 30 users has grown to over 300. “Highspot has been instrumental in helping us grow our organization,” says Gunderson. New hires use the tool, and the “new hire playbook” Smart Page, to ramp up faster. “Before Highspot and before the playbook, new hires were selling an average of $58,000 dollars in their first three months. Today that number is over $100,000,” says Gunderson. “That’s almost 100 percent year-on-year growth, due in large part to the use of Highspot.” And, DemandScience has leaped to the top 15 spots in RepVue’s assessment of B2B SaaS companies in the training and professional development category. Gunderson attributes the impressive rating to one thing: a great team who understood the value in the execution and management of the Highspot platform. The sales team also tracks opportunities along with revenue, another figure that grew when reps began to use Highspot. “On average, new hires created 27 new opportunities in their first six months. After using Highspot, that number jumped by 44% percent.”

Today, Gunderson turns to Highspot to easily identify gaps in content and keep information fresh and relevant. “I can go into Highspot and quickly see what’s missing from our content repository,” says Gunderson. “For example, I can see if we don’t have anything in a particular category, like operations, and make sure we create content to fill that gap.” Greater visibility extends to who is engaging with content and taking initiative. “I see a definite correlation between high-achieving reps and a willingness to jump in and engage with Highspot,” says Gunderson. And, perhaps most gratifying is the way reps use LMS content live on sales calls, as scripted. “I can see reps are doing what they practiced in the LMS, that’s been really strong,” says Gunderson. 

Highspot Training and Coaching boosts seller confidence in their interactions and can address challenges by reviewing a course. I know that the people diving into Highspot will hit quota.
Jeff Gunderson , Director of Sales Enablement and Training, DemandScience

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