How JAGGAER Improved Seller Engagement by 46%

JAGGAER improves sales and marketing alignment and partner collaboration with Highspot.

recurring usage of the new platform
improvement in content findability
increase in seller engagement in enablement programs


JAGGAER is a cloud company that provides customers with innovative, future-focused roadmaps to better spending management processes. Their procurement technology was recently unified from a variety of offerings into one suite of products on a single platform. This made it simpler for their customers to use and offers them a fuller understanding of essential categories like invoicing, inventory management, sourcing, and supply chain collaboration all in one place. 

Since JAGGAER serves industries ranging from health care to retail, education, and logistics, its sales enablement efforts must speak to not only its customers’ organizational needs but also the fluctuating market circumstances that affect it from moment to moment. With Highspot’s help, JAGGAER has invested in a solution that offers support to every seller, regardless of which customer industry they serve, and its partner network. This new unified process has helped improve content efficiency by 85%.






Content Siloes Limited Efficiency and Collaboration

Over the past decade, JAGGAER has acquired several different firms, resulting in changes to its sales teams’ structures and systems. While navigating these changes, content often became siloed and disorganized, leaving sellers confused on what to use, when to use it, and where to find it. “I could see that our sales teams had been struggling with accessibility,” shared Gary Broadbent, the vice president of global enablement at JAGGAER. “We did the best job we could using SharePoint, and it did the job, but it wasn’t an ideal solution.” Sellers needed a more accessible and efficient way to identify and share the right content with external customers.

In addition to supporting its internal sales teams, one of JAGGAER’s major go-to-market initiatives is to deepen its work with its large system integrator partners. But with SharePoint only available as an internal-facing resource, the extent to which the enablement team and internal sales teams could collaborate with partners was limited. JAGGAER needed to find a data-driven solution that could not only support a more cohesive sales message across its internal teams and partner channels but also offer insight into how customers were interacting with content to make their experience even more personalized and collaborative.

I could see that our sales teams had been struggling with accessibility. We did the best job we could using SharePoint, and it did the job, but it wasn’t an ideal solution.

Gary BroadbentVice President of Global Enablement, JAGGAER


Personalization and Insights Create a More Collaborative Sales Experience

After evaluating several platforms, JAGGAER selected Highspot for its exceptional user experience, which offered enhanced personalization and actionable insights. “The user experience that Highspot delivers is standout compared to the competition,” highlighted Broadbent. Together, the personalization and insights available in Highspot helped the sales enablement team improve collaboration both internally and externally.

Of particular importance to Broadbent and his team was the ability to tailor the platform to needs of the end user. For example, the team was able to leverage SmartPage technology to build interactive homepages and actionable Sales Plays by role, making it easy for sellers and partners to know how to find the information they needed and use it effectively. “The use of SmartPages to create better experiences that fit our sales development team versus our account management team, our account executive team, or the customer success team was a big influencing factor,” explained Broadbent. Not only could Broadbent and his team tailor the user experience, but sellers and partners gained the ability to personalize buyer experiences through features like Digital Sales Rooms. “That was an absolute necessity for me,” noted Broadbent.

Additionally, Broadbent emphasized the importance of having access to actionable insights to support deeper collaboration throughout deal cycles. Key to this is Highspot’s integration with JAGGAER’s CRM system, Salesforce. “The ability to infuse Highspot more seamlessly with Salesforce in order to be able to promote and suggest content based on the opportunity got us really excited,” shared Broadbent.

This ability to tailor the platform to suit the needs of individual sellers and customers has helped JAGGAER achieve an 82% recurring usage rate, a figure that reflects just how vital the platform has become to its sales enablement efforts. It has also been central in creating a more personalized and effective sales process, where sellers, partners, and internal departments such as marketing are able to be much more collaborative to deliver better results on key opportunities.

The ability to stand up microsites quickly creates a much more personalized, engaging experience.

Gary BroadbentVice President of Global Enablement, JAGGAER


Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment and Partner Collaboration

With Highspot, the benefit of this centralized, data-driven solution has been clear. Since its roll-out, Highspot has helped JAGGAER bring together data, content, and sellers from its acquisitions and partner channels to deliver enablement materials that are both timely and engaging. In less than a year since its implementation, seller engagement in enablement programming has risen by 46%. After only a few months, JAGGAER sellers are seeing the benefit not just in how quickly they’re able to find materials, but also in terms of their customer engagement thanks to increased insights.

This enthusiasm has spread beyond internal sales teams, as partners are now much more aware of what content is out there and where they need to go to find it. Similarly, it’s much easier for the sales enablement team to facilitate collaboration across departments, creating better marketing and sales alignment throughout the entire organization.

For me, it’s been a game-changing factor when it comes to collaboration.

Gary BroadbentVice President of Global Enablement, JAGGAER

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