Key Results
  • Improved content efficiency by 94%
  • Achieved 100% engagement from reps in training programs
  • Boosted the number of new courses made available by 39%
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H1 is the trusted source for Healthcare professional information for life sciences, payors, providers, and patients across the healthcare ecosystem. With a mission of connecting the world with the right doctors, its solutions make healthcare information and evidence-based medicine accessible to everyone globally. But without a robust internal learning management system, the company struggled to provide its sales team with the right information and training. Needing a better way to enable its team, H1 turned to Highspot.



H1’s solutions democratize global healthcare information, providing access on a global scale while improving workflow efficiency and business impact. However, internally, the team was operating on a limited system that inhibited knowledge-sharing and onboarding for external-facing sellers. “It served its purpose in the sense that we were able to host training on it as a very light LMS,” said Tanuja Paruchuri, director of sales enablement at H1. “On the learner end, it was hard to know what sections had been completed and which ones to move on to next, which is a pretty basic function of an LMS.”Not only was it difficult for the user, it was difficult to measure their success on the backend. “On the admin side, it was also really hard to grade things,” explained Paruchuri. H1 needed a more integrated process for training, engaging, and measuring the team and its efforts.

Everything was manual. There were no reporting features, which was extremely difficult and time-consuming and made us question even having an LMS at all.

Tanuja Paruchuri, Director of Sales Enablement, H1
Tanuja Paruchuri


With Highspot, H1 was able to implement a centralized, standardized system for training sellers and sharing content. “We’re now able to build all of our Courses right within Highspot,” noted Paruchuri. This has helped the team more effectively create training courses, resulting in a 39% boost in new courses made available to reps. “Once the reps have finished their training in the platform, all the content is already there. They know exactly where to go to find it and the way we’ve structured it allows them perpetual access to the training for reference.”

This accessibility has allowed for more real-time feedback, which has ultimately improved overall productivity. For example, Paruchuri and her team leverage Training & Coaching capabilities in Highspot to have sellers submit video responses to prompts based on their learning material, allowing them to assess responses and provide timely feedback at scale.

Not only does the team have an immediate feedback loop, they also have a built-in single source of truth with the platform. “When you think back to the content management side, the learning is so important, but it all starts with the content and how you’re delivering it,” explained Paruchuri. “They’re not having to wait on things. They know the content is current because they can see who updated it in Highspot. I think just having all of that information in one place has made folks extremely productive.”

Getting timely feedback has been very impactful. When I see that someone has submitted something into a Learning Path or a Course, I’m able to go in and watch the video and provide in-the-moment coaching.

Tanuja Paruchuri, Director of Sales Enablement, H1


Converting to a unified enablement platform has helped H1 achieve 100% engagement from reps in training programs and improved rep satisfaction. “Reps will ask me to confirm that Highspot is the only place they have to go, and when I say yes, they are so relieved,” described Paruchuri. “They hated going to multiple systems and are thankful for the change. I appreciate hearing that from them. The most important thing is what they’re telling us and how they’re feeling about it.”

With increased engagement, reps are more prepared for client conversations and have ultimately  improved productivity. For example, the team has seen a 94% improvement in content efficiency since implementing Highspot. “Reps no longer have to question whether something has been updated like they had to with the old platform,” explained Paruchuri. “If anything, they’re able to identify use cases for new content, which we’re now able to build out and manage in one place.”

Reps will ask me to confirm that Highspot is the only place they have to go, and when I say yes, they are so relieved. They hated going to multiple systems and are thankful for the change.

Tanuja Paruchuri, Director of Sales Enablement, H1

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