How Epicor Increased Rep Engagement by 31%

Epicor provides essential guidance to drive go-to-market success with Highspot.

Key Results
  • 63% of content is well-governed
  • 31% increase in rep engagement in enablement programs
  • 79% recurring usage of Highspot
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Epicor, an enterprise resource planning software company, provides industry-specific software solutions and services for customers in the manufacturing, distribution, building supply, automotive, and retail industries. To provide relevant, tailored solutions, Epicor develops a deep knowledge of its customers’ needs and takes pride in its intimate knowledge of the organizations it supports. Yet, without an internal enablement system, it struggled to standardize the in-the-field competencies that create impactful customer connections. With Highspot, Epicor found a way to not only manage its content but also provide essential guidance to drive go-to-market success.  


A Limited System Leads to Content Confusion

Epicor curates innovative solution sets to fit its customers’ needs. But without a robust enablement system, it struggled to equip its team with the information they needed to drive impactful conversations in the field. “We had a platform that was essentially a glorified SharePoint,” shared Lizzy Gaston, senior manager of product marketing strategy and planning at Epicor. “We didn’t have a lot of credibility within our sales organization because it was difficult to manage content governance.”

Clutter was just one of many painful inefficiencies. The platform also lacked key capabilities, hindering reps and making content difficult to locate. “Our complicated taxonomy was also difficult to filter through, and the platform didn’t have a very powerful search engine,” noted Gaston. “Even if you knew what you were looking for, you still might not be able to surface the right content. It was a real struggle for our team.” Consequently, reps resorted to downloading content and leaving it on their desktop to reuse — meaning out-of-date materials reached customers and new marketing material went unused.

Certain there was a better solution, Epicor’s team turned to Highspot. “The ability to create homepages for products or industries, add Sales Plays, and make it a dynamic place for marketers to optimize content was appealing,” said Gaston. Epicor craved a more dynamic environment, seeking a platform to better govern its content and analyze performance, all while guiding reps to use it effectively.

Leadership was interested in a sales enablement solution where we could add guidance alongside our content, not just a document repository with a strong search engine.

Lizzy Gaston, Senior Manager of Product Marketing Strategy and Planning, Epicor
Lizzy Gaston

A Strategic Partner Sparks Enablement Evolution

Implementing a tool like Highspot helped Epicor reevaluate its priorities. The team embraced the transition, using it to reimagine enablement at Epicor and how to bring it to life with Highspot. “In bringing Highspot into Epicor, we had a reset,” explained Gaston. “The process of transitioning to Highspot provided a good opportunity for us to clear the slate and take time to think through a smarter content map that helped reps discover content more intuitively.” 

With a new enablement environment, Gaston and her team quickly improved content governance and set about implementing strict governance standards to maintain it, earning a 63% well-governed content rate. “We made sure that only those who were trained in content governance had the ability to govern the tool,” said Gaston. “We put clear guidelines in place around expiration dates, archiving content, Spot mapping, and the end-user experience.” Improvements in governance made finding content easy and meant that reps who once struggled with accessing updated assets began turning to the platform in droves. After achieving 79% recurring usage, Epicor knew it had successfully created a single source of truth. 

From there, the team began implementing guidance capabilities to standardize their go-to-market strategy. “Making sure our sellers are trained and ready with a new product launch is important; we don’t just want them to be able to speak to the product, we need them to be confident that they have the latest information,” added Gaston. “We use a SmartPage template we call The Product 360, which serves as readiness homepages. All of that information lives within Highspot, so we are only sending them to one place for all the info they need.” The platform also provided the visibility the team had long sought.

Being able to dynamically self-serve analytics on how content is performing with reps is so helpful.

Lizzy Gaston, Senior Manager of Product Marketing Strategy and Planning, Epicor

With Highspot, Epicor resolved the inefficiencies of its existing solution — all while gaining the partnership it needed to engage and uplevel its reps. The platform soon became a single source of truth, meaning reps no longer struggled to surface content, saving time and keeping them up to date. In turn, the enablement team had a line of sight into content usage and performance and, from there, could provide reps with the just-in-time guidance proven to close deals. With reps bought into the platform, the team has been able to more efficiently standardize its sales strategy, leading to a 31% increase in rep engagement in enablement programs.

Partnering with Highpot helped Epicor gain the tools they needed to mature their enablement strategy and establish a clear vision for the future. 

We’re all excited about AI and I’m thrilled about how Highspot is using it. Epicor’s AI is something our sellers are talking to our customers about. The more they can use AI in their tools and see its benefits from all perspectives, the better. It's all great education for them.

Lizzy Gaston, Senior Manager of Product Marketing Strategy and Planning, Epicor

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