Lenati is a fast growing marketing and sales consultancy based in the Pacific Northwest serving clients across North America and Europe.

They are well-known for their marketing and sales analytical rigor, practiced expertise, and ability to perceive and meet clients’ needs. Lenati has received several accolades including Inc. 5000, Washington’s Best Places to Work100 Fastest Growing Companies and Consulting Magazine’s Top Strategy Firm.

Lenati serves as valued advisors and collaborators to Fortune 1000 companies looking for customer-focused solutions and best practices in marketing and sales.



Jennifer Winter from Lenati

Jen Winter
Managing Partner

“Lenati helps companies across many industries optimize their marketing and sales initiatives. Highspot transforms how our clients connect marketing, sales, and customers to win in the marketplace.”




Lenati’s clients have tried numerous ways to organize content and as a result have content in multiple repositories, including the Salesforce content tab, SharePoint portals, and cloud file systems such as Box and Dropbox. To further complicate matters, different geographies often adopt local home grown systems. With previous solutions failing to gain adoption, clients are focused on ease of use as a critical success factor. Lenati needed to choose an Enterprise ready sales enablement solution they could implement for their clients.



Lenati evaluated the full spectrum of sales enablement platforms and chose Highspot for their internal operations and as their recommended solution for clients. Lenati chose Highspot due to its strong sales content management and best in industry analytics. Ultimately, the business value of being able to optimize sales content and processes is the tool Lenati needed to help their clients transform their business results.

Lenati has partnered with Highspot on successful multi-national Enterprise implementations. Once rolled out, Lenati can deliver tremendous business value using analytics to help clients optimize their content and pitches based on rep usage and customer engagement.



Once rolled out adoption is consistently high, with over 90% of sales reps using the platform each month. Initial surveys of reps gave Highspot high marks, with 90% indicating that Highspot is significantly helping them get their jobs done. With semantic search, Salesforce targeting, and well organized content, Lenati’s clients estimates that reps save hours a week finding content. With thousands of reps, this adds up to significant savings.

With strong rep adoption, marketing now has good insights into what content is getting used and adopted by the sales team and what content is engaging prospects. This allows the marketing team to selectively drive additional awareness of under used assets or optimize the assets to drive more effective sales engagements.

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  • Consolidate and organize thousands of pieces of sales content for dynamic, global sales forces serving both Enterprise and SMB markets
  • Maintain strict version control managing content in multiple languages
  • Tune and optimize sales content based on analytics about what sales is using and how prospects are engaging with content


  • All marketing, sales, services, and support content flexibly organized in one place, accessed from both Web and Salesforce via mobile and desktop


  • Sales knows where to get latest and greatest content, saving hours per week
  • Over 90% month to month Sales team adoption and usage rates
  • Sales conversion rates are up significantly year over year

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