Engagement Innovator Turns to Highspot For Improved Sales Velocity

Key Results
  • 2x Increase in Sales Play Adoption
  • 10% Decrease in Seller Ramp Time
  • 10% Increase in Sellers Achieving Quota
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The Head of Global Sales Strategy and Enablement, spends his work life devoted to helping sales teams be more productive. “My team and I set the strategy for how we enable and train the entire sales team,” he says. To make sure that strategy is aligned with what sellers really need, he is constantly in touch with sales leaders at the organization. “Listening to the field is a big part of our job.

Sellers repeatedly told us that their sales time felt limited—they were spending too much time searching for content and that impacted their ability to focus on more meaningful work like preparing pitches or reaching out to leads,” a Sales Operations Analyst on the team adds.

Widespread surveys confirmed the issue, and the Enablement team embarked on a journey to find the right sales enablement platform to help reps save time. “We chose Highspot to help maximize the efficiency of our sales teams, gain insights into performance, and align on strategy,” she says.

Today, the number of sellers achieving quota is 10% higher than it was before. Our team is more efficient than ever, which will help us be more profitable overall.
—Head of Global Sales Strategy and Enablement

“They knew it would make their job easier:” company reps choose Highspot.

After speaking to colleagues and kick-started a series of surveys, an initiative that won nearly 100% engagement across the 60-person sales team, a common sentiment emerged: frustration with too much time being lost searching for content. The team began to evaluate sales enablement platforms, searching for the best fit.

“We evaluated Seismic, Highspot, and Showpad and in comparison, Highspot stood out for its ease of use and intuitive UI.”

Before making a selection, it was important that future users got a chance to experience the tool. “We put together a small focus group of future users, both sellers and managers. The Highspot platform grabbed their attention – they knew it would make their job easier,” leader on enablement team says. The ability to quickly and intuitively uncover content was a popular feature of the Highpoint platform. “The Highspot platform solved one of our main issues, which was the inefficiencies around reps discovering content. The platform guides reps to the assets they need, which is something that the other platforms we evaluated didn’t do. Highspot clearly wanted us and our salespeople to be successful.”

Over the course of the evaluation, the leaders also appreciated the live trainings provided by the Highspot team, including a Sales Play Workshop that was a big hit with the sales team. “We were just starting to lean into the idea of creating sales plays,” they remember. “The fact that Highspot was willing to share some of their own best practices made it feel like they weren’t just trying to sell us software—they wanted us and our salespeople to be successful.”

After the evaluation process, it was clear they had found the right tool to help reps find content faster—but the Highspot platform offered other benefits too. “It was evident that we are going to get a lot more insights around our buyers and our customers through the Highspot platform,” the sales operation analyst says of Highspot’s analytics capabilities. “The newfound insight into what they are viewing will help us sell even better and create better content.”

In addition to making it easier for reps to do their jobs, they were looking for a solution that could help leaders measure rep performance and help everyone align on the latest strategy and execution. “We are in a highly competitive market, and it’s vital that GTM teams are aligned on the latest strategy,” they say. Highspot ensures that content is up-to-date and accessible in a single platform that reps can navigate easily.

Highspot is already making our lives easier and supporting our reps to be more efficient and successful.
—Head of Global Sales Strategy and Enablement

“Empowering our reps:” The reps save time and have a greater impact with Highspot.

For them, launching Highspot as its sales enablement platform is all about helping reps be more efficient, which will help drive the success of the entire organization. “Ultimately, empowering our reps to be more effective leads to increased revenue,” they explain. “If we can train effectively and save people time and give them more time to go sell, then we increase potential to go win more deals.”

Today, that vision for a more efficient, organization is being realized. Since launching Highspot, they have experienced a 10% increase in sellers achieving quota in addition to a twofold increase in sales play adoption and a 10% decrease in seller ramp time. “Today, reps aren’t focused on searching for content, they are focused on winning more deals and connecting with customers,” they say.

“Highspot is already making our lives easier and supporting our reps to be more efficient and successful.”

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Reps Love Highspot