TripAdvisor Establishes Single Source of Sales Content Truth

With Highspot, the travel technology company masters sales content management for faster sales and improved content performance.

Key Results
  • Established single source of truth for sales content
  • Accelerated the speed of business for both sales and marketing teams
  • Gained analytics to help inform and enhance coaching of sales team
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Challenge: Sales Content Scattered and Difficult to Find

Founded in 2000, TripAdvisor offers travel reviews, tools, and solutions — empowering travelers across 20 different travel brands. Over the years, TripAdvisor’s multiple sales teams had come to leverage a smorgasbord of systems to house content, including Dropbox, Google, and Salesforce Libraries, among others.

The company knew it needed to consolidate systems and help sales reps streamline their experience in leveraging the content that the marketing team created.

There are consequences to administrators and users when you are using that many different platforms. The content marketing team would need to upload a PowerPoint to multiple locations, and have to track which version lived where — it was horrible. And of course, users then couldn’t find it.
Rebecca Salmaso, Manager of Sales Enablement, TripAdvisor
Rebecca Salmaso
Solution: Highspot Consolidates and Integrates Content Workflows

The company began a search for a content management system to consolidate these systems and provide a simpler experience for sales reps, with an eye towards advanced functionality that could be built out in phases to obtain intelligence and data around content use and efficacy.

TripAdvisor saw value in Highspot’s numerous integrations, including Google Drive, sales email, and screen share platforms. They were also eager to take advantage of Highspot’s exceptional ease-of-use and artificial intelligence-powered recommendations.

Hands down, we are definitely saving time with Highspot. Between tagging and posting to multiple systems, reorganizing content used to take two hours and now takes five to seven minutes with Highspot. That’s especially valuable when you’re an organization that operates at speed like TripAdvisor. For salespeople, they’re now able to find content in less than a minute, instead of spending half an hour hunting in multiple places.
Rebecca Salmaso, Manager of Sales Enablement, TripAdvisor
Rebecca Salmaso
Results: A Single Platform for All Sales Enablement Assets

Since launching Highspot as its single source of truth for content, TripAdvisor has seen improvements for its 600 salespeople across three teams — including increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Highspot regularly saves sales reps time because they are able to find the content they need faster and no longer need to ask marketing or sales enablement to find the content for them. They were also able to cut one content management system entirely and the costs associated with it.

The platform’s sales-friendly approach was identified as a major contributor to sales adoption and success. Salmaso pointed out that Highspot is designed around making life easy for the sales user — from the way it makes searching easy to Highspot’s onboarding team helping identify the best way to configure Highspot to drive maximum sales adoption.

The marketing team also benefits from Highspot’s flexibility and integration options. TripAdvisor’s marketers use Google Drive for collaboration and integrate with Highspot to publish content to sales. Because they integrate and optimize content frequently, the Google integration is beneficial. Updates to an FAQ, for example, can be pulled automatically from Google so the content in Highspot is always up-to-date.

The platform’s sales-friendly approach was identified as a major contributor to sales adoption and success.

TripAdvisor now has access to data around content use and consumption, leveraging those metrics to make decisions around where to invest more time and resources.

In short: Before, TripAdvisor had a fractured, disparate model, which meant lots of downloading to personal folders. Now, with Highspot, the team has gained one streamlined platform that reps love, where they can confidently find what they need quickly.

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