PayScale Increases Sales Productivity

Unifying content in an intuitive platform improves sales and marketing alignment, pitching, and content insights.

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Key Results

  • All relevant content consolidated in a flexible, searchable platform
  • Sellers save an estimated 3 hours per week
  • 95% of sales reps use the platform
  • Analytics give marketing insight into content effectiveness

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Challenge: Lack of Content Awareness

PayScale, a global leader in compensation analysis for companies and employees, was facing a painful but common sales content scenario: Sellers didn’t know what content was available and couldn’t find the right content across many different storage locations. The materials that sales reps did find were often out-of-date and redundant.

Sellers couldn’t find the right content across different storage locations.

This situation made the sales team less effective, because they weren’t sure of the best approach in their conversations with prospects, and less productive, because they spent precious selling time searching for the right content.

There was also a problem with follow-up. Because sellers didn’t have any information on how buyers were engaging with their content, it was often hit-or-miss to follow up with leads and it took longer for reps to learn the best approach via trial and error.

The marketing team also lacked visibility into outcomes. Without data on whether content was engaging prospects, PayScale’s marketers did not have enough insight to make existing content more effective. It also frustrated the marketing team when the new content they built went unused because sales couldn’t find it.

Tim Low
Quotation Mark

Highspot solved a big problem for PayScale. Our best content was not getting reliably to the sales team and we didn’t have data on what content was driving engagement from opportunity to close. We’re a data-driven organization, so we love Highspot’s analytics for optimizing this part of our business. I love that I can see what content is moving the needle on sales.

Tim Low
Vice President of Marketing, PayScale

Solution: Content Consolidation and Pitching via Highspot

After vetting various solutions, PayScale decided to go with Highspot’s sales enablement platform. Sales and marketing content is now consolidated and organized effectively within Highspot, giving all users visibility into all available assets. Content is also available from within Salesforce and targeted based on opportunity characteristics.

Reps aren’t just appreciating the content organization and analytics — they’re also relying heavily on Highspot to pitch content from the platform and track follow-up. This makes it easier for reps to send the right content at the right time and respond to any given sales scenario.

Melody Brown
Quotation Mark

We originally adopted Highspot for its strong sales content management and analytics capabilities. But now that we are fully deployed, the sales team is also heavily using its pitching capabilities. Sales reps love the ease of use and the real-time alerts they get on how prospects are engaging with their pitches. Sales leaders love that they have the analytics to identify best practices across the team.

Melody Brown
Senior Vice President of Sales, PayScale

Results: Improved Productivity and Enthusiastic Adoption

PayScale’s Highspot implementation revolutionized sales content for the company. Sellers now know where to get the latest and greatest content and no longer waste time searching through folders of assets. The productivity gains as a result of this change have been remarkable: reps are saving an estimated 3 hours per week. That valuable time now goes to direct sales interactions that add to the individual rep’s success and the company’s bottom line.

The productivity gains as a result of this change have been remarkable: reps are saving an estimated 3 hours per week.

Sellers are also pitching with Highspot’s capabilities on a consistent basis and use the platform to share content with customers via email and screen sharing. Sales reps are able to see how prospects engage with their pitches through real-time alerts. This information benefits individual sellers and helps sales leadership glean best practices from their most effective reps, which they can then pass on to the team.

Feedback from sellers has been overwhelmingly positive, with reps saying that they either are satisfied or very satisfied with the Highspot platform. This high level of satisfaction explains why adoption is consistently high, with 95% of sellers using the platform every month.

The marketing team has also benefited from the implementation. Using Highspot’s analytics, marketers are able to learn what content resonates — both with the sales force and with prospects. Marketing can then use that information to craft more targeted and effective messaging.

With Highspot, PayScale has finally closed the content loop so that sales reps find the materials they need, customers receive the most up-to-date and relevant content, and marketing continually hones the content it produces to close more deals.

Reps Love Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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