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MultiView Streamlines Thousands of Presentations

The Highspot platform provides easy access, effective control, and analytics to refine content use and improve scalability.

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Key Results

  • Organized and updated 4,000+ sales presentations in Highspot
  • Enabled sellers with easy, dynamic content sharing
  • Empowered marketing team to manage and refine all sales content
  • Fine-tuned content to improve effectiveness with Highspot analytics

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Challenge: Massive Volumes of Content in a Rigid Content Repository

For more than 15 years, MultiView has been building digital B2B campaigns that deliver creative solutions to its customers. Providing personalized interactions with every prospect and customer, however, requires the ability to access and refine content quickly. While the company had a sales enablement platform in place, the existing system wasn’t scaling well to meet MultiView’s needs as its sales force grew. The massive content repository contained more than 4,000 presentations and didn’t provide adequate oversight over what was uploaded. This huge volume of content was difficult to manage, control, and access. Sellers often sent out content that was off-message and wasn’t up-to-date.

The company needed to find a less rigid solution that would scale better with the growing organization.

While the company had a sales enablement platform in place, the existing system wasn’t scaling well to meet MultiView’s needs as its sales force grew.

The marketing team especially wanted a system that allowed for dynamic content sharing to alleviate the sales team’s need to create new content for every presentation. It would also help to have analytics to better understand how sales assets were being used, The new platform would also need to be easy to use to encourage adoption across the company.

Jonny Hill
Quotation Mark

We did a very thorough review of all the sales enablement platforms in the industry. We were impressed by Highspot’s ease of use and scalability. We needed to transition out of our old platform, as it no longer supported our needs.

Jonny Hill
Director of Marketing Technology, MultiView

Solution: Highspot Provides an Intuitive, Scalable Solution

In search of a better way to manage its content, MultiView undertook a thorough review of all available sales enablement platforms on the market. After vetting every possible vendor, the MultiView team chose Highspot.

Highspot was selected because of its excellent user experience, including an intuitive, modern design and interface. Another important feature in the decision was Highspot’s complete dynamic content management capabilities, which satisfied the marketing team’s need for a solution that could scale as the organization matured. Highspot’s capability to push the latest version of content to many users through a single platform was another key selling point.

Jonny Hill
Quotation Mark

Highspot was the logical choice for us on so many levels, but the key drivers for our decision to adopt Highspot were its superior content management, user experience, and its great analytics. No other platform was even close.

Jonny Hill
Director of Marketing Technology, MultiView

Results: Organized, Effective Content Management and Happy Users

After implementing Highspot, MultiView transformed how it manages and uses content. All sales and marketing content is now organized and accessible in the Highspot platform, allowing for complete control over the marketing collateral that sales uses.

Reps no longer have to face the daunting task of sorting through more than 4,000 presentations in search of the one they need. Instead, sellers easily use Highspot’s AI-powered search and easy content organization via Spots to locate the content they are seeking. As the marketing team makes updates to content, reps automatically get the latest versions. The sales organization uses Highspot to share content with customers via email, pitches, or live pitches with screen sharing. Content sent to or shared with prospects and customers is up-to-date, on-brand, and on-message. Reps have gained more time to focus on selling and better resources are available to help them sell effectively.

Marketing, in turn, has benefited by getting control of the content that sellers are using. The flexibility of the Highspot platform has enabled marketing to reduce the overall number of pieces of content. As a result, marketing can now provide sales reps with higher quality, more effective content. Analytics capabilities have also given marketing insight into what content is resonating with the sales force as well as with buyers. They have been able to fine-tune and better position the content they are generating to produce better results and increase engagement.

Reps no longer have to face the daunting task of sorting through more than 4,000 presentations in search of the one they need.

The reaction to the Highspot implementation has been overwhelmingly positive. When surveyed soon after the implementation, sellers were consistently satisfied or very satisfied with Highspot’s solution. With high adoption and a favorable reception from the inside sales team, MultiView is now expanding its usage of Highspot to include outside sales next.

Reps Love Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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