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MarketScale's Single, Searchable Source of Content

Marketing agency and its clients gain control over content with Highspot.

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Key Results

  • Every piece of sales and marketing content in a single, searchable source
  • Reps easily find and share content for considerable efficiency improvements
  • More consistent sales efforts map content to the buyer’s journey
  • Highspot became the preferred sales enablement platform for MarketScale customers

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Challenge: Inconsistent Quality Due to Poorly Managed Content

As a trusted partner to marketing organizations, MarketScale needed a more effective approach to managing and sharing content. Lacking a cohesive content management platform, the company suffered from inconsistency and sometimes even subpar quality in the assets that sellers sent to buyers and customers. Reps often wasted precious time looking for content; when they couldn’t find what they needed, they would modify the content they could locate, resulting in inconsistent messaging. MarketScale needed a way to manage content in an indexed, searchable, and collaborative system that would ensure cohesive messaging and effortless live and email pitching.

MarketScale’s content predicament had implications that went beyond its effect on internal processes. As an advisor to marketing organizations, one of MarketScale’s most important functions was helping clients choose the best marketing platforms in categories such as marketing automation, business intelligence, and sales enablement. MarketScale needed a content platform that would show its clients that it had the capacity to choose and recommend excellent solutions. Identifying and implementing an effective content management platform would help MarketScale demonstrate credibility.

MarketScale’s content predicament had implications that went beyond its effect on internal processes.

The company began searching for an ideal content management solution. In an industry segment with multiple vendors, MarketScale needed a product that would resonate with marketers who value content-focused sales and marketing.

Ben Maitland
Quotation Mark

As the leader of a large sales and marketing organization, I was looking for a simple content sharing tool. What I found in Highspot was much more than that. Our team knew we needed to focus on quality and consistency in our marketing materials and Highspot enabled that. With MarketScale as a Highspot channel partner, we are helping communicate the product’s differentiators to savvy marketers who recognize the importance of content in the sales process.

Ben Maitland
Founder, MarketScale

Solution: Highspot Provides the Consistency and Capabilities Needed

After thorough market research on the solutions available in the content management and sales enablement space, MarketScale chose the Highspot platform.

Highspot’s focus on content, collaboration, and optimization were key factors in the decision. The ability to collect, search, and share content would make all assets readily available and address the inconsistencies in MarketScale’s content quality and messaging. With Highspot’s usage reporting capabilities, the team would also gain insight into how to improve existing content. The platform’s suggestion features would allow sellers to provide targeted content to prospects, supporting the use of informational, in-depth resources to support the buyer’s journey.

Ben Maitland
Quotation Mark

Today’s buyers are research-focused, preferring an informative and educational sales process. While concepts such as inbound marketing are changing the game in demand generation, it’s still important for B2B sales teams to conduct proactive sales. Highspot enables just that, with the content sharing and delivery capability to efficiently communicate, and a very customer-centric approach for content management and optimization that buyers require.

Ben Maitland
Founder, MarketScale

Results: Centralized Content in a Single Repository

With Highspot, MarketScale has been able to fill all of its internal content management gaps. All content is now organized in one spot and easily searchable in a format that makes it easy to collaborate and get cross-team updates. Reps can locate the content they need and share through email or live over the web via screen sharing. These improvements have led to efficiency gains for sellers, as they no longer lose time searching for content that is hard to find. The Highspot solution has enabled the MarketScale team to sustain a consistent sales effort and provide a cohesive buyer’s journey.

Highspot is also one of the fastest growing product lines at MarketScale. The platform appeals to the company’s clients, who recognize the importance of quality and consistency in brand messaging. Thanks to Highspot’s full suite of features, these organizations can go far beyond mere content delivery to focus on content collaboration and optimization, as well. With Highspot, both MarketScale and its clients can respond effectively to the way today’s buyers want to access information during the decision-making process.

MarketScale clients are also referring Highspot to other organizations. Companies with significant distributor go-to-market channels are beginning to see Highspot as a valuable partner. With Highspot’s tools and impressive quality control features, MarketScale and its clients are not just improving their own messaging; they’re also enabling their distributors to communicate their message.

The Highspot solution has enabled the MarketScale team to sustain a consistent sales effort and provide a cohesive buyer’s journey.

Because of these many benefits, client satisfaction with the Highspot sales enablement platform remains consistently high and motivates clients to recommend Highspot to others.

Reps Love Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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