DiscoverOrg Revolutionizes Its Sales Force

After implementing Highspot, DiscoverOrg is now able to target the right customers when they’re most engaged with the best content.

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Key Results

  • Sales reps navigate 600+ pieces of promotional content with ease
  • Reps now save 15-20 minutes on every buyer engagement
  • Potential clients are identified and contacted more efficiently
  • Promotional content updates automatically

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Challenge: Disorganized, Uninformed Sales Outreach

DiscoverOrg is a sales and marketing intelligence company that has experienced significant growth in recent years, scaling the number of sales reps from 10 to hundreds. Managing such a rapid expansion was a challenge even for one of the leading sales and marketing companies, and sales reps and managers became disorganized. While the company naturally had quality sales and marketing data, its potential client outreach system was lacking, and this disorganized sales outreach enablement meant that the right clients were not being contacted at the right times. Competitors took many potential customers simply because DiscoverOrg was not able to contact the customer in time.

On top of the rapid expansion, there was a range of other issues that needed addressing. The sales cycle time had to be shortened. Ensuring that sales reps were using the most up-to-date content was impossible. The client targeting selection process was managed through guesswork, and knowing when potential clients were most engaged was a mystery.

DiscoverOrg’s sales reps were facing low engagement rates with client leads. Additionally, identifying the right client leads to contact with appropriate content was a serious issue holding DiscoverOrg back. Essentially, many of the issues led to a phenomenon that can be described as an email “black hole” where potential clients are not identified because, after sending an initial business pitch, sales reps do not know whether clients have engaged with the content.

Many of the issues led to a phenomenon that can be described as an email “black hole” where potential clients are not identified.

DiscoverOrg knew that it had to make a change to stay competitive and set its sales reps up for success.

Phill Sundal
Quotation Mark

If you’re not basically optimizing every single touchpoint, your competitors are going to come in and do it for you. A lot of deals are based on who can be the first to table and add the most value, and sales enablement tools enable reps to get that value and share that value in a more effective way, which is quicker, at the right time.

Phill Sundal
Product Marketing Manager, DiscoverOrg

Solution: New Content Easily Surfaced and Pitched

DiscoverOrg tried out a range of sales enablement and management software. As experts in sales and marketing intelligence, the management team realized that identifying the best possible software was important, so they also invited sales reps to test the software. This would enable the company to come to a sales enablement software decision that everyone was happy with.

After spending some time trying several different software platforms, both management and sales were in agreement: Highspot was the best possible choice. It was the easiest to use and its unique benefits put it ahead of the competition.

In fact, because DiscoverOrg’s managers had been so impressed with Highspot’s services, they challenged sales reps to push the software to its limits. Management encouraged the sales reps to break the search bar and find areas where there was no relevant content. This actually allowed sales reps to discover vast quantities of sales content that they had not identified previously. While DiscoverOrg’s sales content was updated on a weekly basis, sales reps were not sharing the most recent content. This meant that reps were wasting company resources and sending outdated information.

Additionally, Highspot’s user-friendly software meant that the sales reps needed minimal training. The management had no need to implement any new taxonomy, file naming conventions, or any other complex activity. And when a new piece of content was uploaded, sales reps were automatically notified, meaning that only the best content was being used. If this weren’t good enough, Highspot provided extensions that linked directly with Gmail, Chrome, Salesforce, and other software, making product integration seamless.

Carley Archield
Quotation Mark

I love that I have a centralized location for all the collateral I could ever need to send a client. I can look up everything quickly and imbed it in emails. The Gmail integration has made sending valuable insight to my clients much easier … I love that we can segment collateral by department and role for which it’s relevant. I get alerts when a client is reviewing the collateral I sent over, and I can see which pieces they looked at. This feature lets me know what I should send to others in the future and what was most relevant to the client. I know I’ve just scratched the surface with what Highspot can do for me and my team.

Carley Archield
Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

Results: Improved Seller Efficiency and Client Conversion

When DiscoverOrg rolled out Highspot company-wide, the effects were instant. The software allowed sales reps to do several things that they were not able to do before.

First, they were able to use the system’s search bar to rapidly identify a range of relevant promotional content that fit the client. Prior to this innovation, sales reps were using four or five pieces of go-to content without having a sense of what content resonated the most with buyers.

Second, sales reps gained the ability to contact prospective clients while they read or watch pitched sales content thanks to Highspot, which notifies reps when buyers open, view, and close pitches. Not only does the feature empower sales reps to perfectly time their outreach — it also provides a clear way for them to see which content is actually effective at engaging buyers.

Third, because of the first two points, DiscoverOrg has managed to adopt a significantly more strategic approach to onboarding new clients using Highspot’s collated engagement data.

DiscoverOrg is now enjoying a big boost to their bottom-line without the pain points that previously held them back.

DiscoverOrg’s client conversion rates have significantly increased, leading to an overall lift in revenue. With these gains, plus the seller efficiency improvements, DiscoverOrg is now enjoying a big boost to their bottom-line without the pain points that previously held them back.

Reps Love Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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