Sisense ( simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing big or disparate datasets. The company believes that BI can be agile, flexible and produce actionable results for companies within days, rather than months; and that business users and analysts should be able to freely explore their data, without relying on a patchwork of tools or extensive IT assistance – even, and especially, in complex scenarios. The company is based in New York, NY and has approximately 1,000 customers in 50 countries.

“Highspot delivers the content management flexibility and control Sisense needs. The platform has transformed how we activate content throughout the sales cycle while keeping our teams up-to-date and focused on sales and marketing activities that achieve results.” 

-Rhiannon Staples, Sales Enablement Lead, Sisense

“Highspot provides reps with the sales content they need, when they need it. No matter who I talk to I know what I need to deliver, where to go to get it, and I can deliver content immediately. It’s incredibly useful.”

-Daniel Klein, Account Executive, Sisense


At Sisense, acting decisively and with the highest-performing content is all in a day’s work. Sales reps must be responsive and combine up-to-date knowledge of customer and market information with audience engagement data. Meanwhile, marketers need to know how content is influencing the buyer’s journey. Keeping pace with these and other variables was preventing Sisense from optimizing their sales activities and content ROI. The company decided to pursue sales enablement as a solution to their challenge and set a goal of being up and running in three weeks.


Sisense researched over twenty vendors, requested sales calls from thirteen, and demos from nine. Four vendors were shortlisted before Highspot was selected. Highspot met all of Sisense’s key criteria, and really stood out on speed of deployment, modern UI, and platform agility. 


Sisense now has a content management system that is helping improve resource visibility and awareness of what’s available throughout the sales cycle. This has provided deeper perspective on how the business interacts with content, in particular for the product marketing organization, who can now see what sellers are (and are not) using. The combination of engagement data and efficiency improvements is helping Sisense accelerate conversion rates and revenue growth.Looking ahead, Sisense is building out its asset library and seeking to expand its use of Highspot for training, as well as reseller sales and marketing. 


  • As a company that has built an extensive BI product, Sisense is insistent upon gathering and analyzing data from throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Sales reps need to get up to speed fast, with easy access to high-performing content.
  • Content managers need to know whether or not their material is being used.
  • Marketing needs data on how content is helping drive prospects through the funnel.
  • Business leaders need a sales enablement platform that’s built to scale. 


  • A content management system that makes it easy to organize sales assets by wide assortment of criteria, including persona, sales stage, format, and much more.
  • A sales enablement platform that integrates with existing company platforms.
  • Content analytics that provide visibility into content engagement, both internal and external.
  • The ability to filter and search for content at a moment’s notice.


  • Sisense now has a single source of truth for its sales content. This saves reps time and improves the quality of content shared with target audiences.
  • Content visibility and prioritization have been dramatically improved, helping reps focus on activities that increase sales conversions.
  • Performance analytics have sharpened perspectives on content that’s working.

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