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Learn how Highspot is helping iRhythm transform its content strategy and generate unprecedented ROI on sales enablement.

From search to pitching and analytics to content customization and remixing, Highspot is helping increase selling time and improve content performance.


Learn how Highspot helps Sisense improve content visibility and prioritization, and in turn increase sales conversions.

What Users Are Saying

“In my 30 years in the business, I have never had such a dynamic and functional library of content, and that can be organized in the way I want to use them (folders for pitches, videos, brochures, internal documents, etc.) and to be updated regularly and functional. So fantastic!”

– Regional Account Executive

“Highspot saves me a lot of time and helps me stay focused on selling. Within a minute or two, I can just reach in, get the content I need, and send it over, then move on to the next call.”

– Sales Rep

“Highspot is a great tool. Every time I use it, I find a lot of new content that I can use that I never knew was available. It makes me better at my job.”

– Account Manager

“Whenever I need to find content, I always go to Highspot first. It helps me quickly find what I need.”

– Account Manager

“I love Highspot. It’s gotten our team excited about content and what they can do with it in the course of closing deals.”

– Content Manager

“Before Highspot, it was really hard to know what was going on in other regions. Now that we have Highspot, I have much better visibility and there is much more sharing across markets.”

– Content Manager

“Highspot is better than ClearSlide – it’s more polished and easier to figure out.”

– Sales Rep

“Highspot is a lot more user-friendly than what we used to have before with managing content in Box and Salesforce. It saves me a lot of time and makes the distribution of content much easier.”

– RFP Manager

“Highspot is intuitive and super helpful!”

– Product Marketer

“One of the things I really like is email tracking. It’s really important to know whether or not the person I sent my content to is looking at it. If they are using what I sent over, I know where I am in the process. If they aren’t interacting with the content, I need to back up a little in the sales process. Just knowing if they clicked or not gives me valuable insight.”

– Account Manager

“I really like being able to see the email templates that other people have created, so I can see what language others are using.”

– Account Manager

“I love seeing all the content in one place, especially links.”

– Account Manager

“In a conversation with another team, we were singing praises of Highspot. It is a great tool from which we are all getting tremendous value. Just wanted to say thanks!”

– Sales Manager

“Wow, this is like being in a candy store. When you search for something specific you will find plenty of matches. Beware though, you will also be introduced to so many other wonderful assets that you likely didn’t know existed. You can get side-tracked and forget yourself…It’s harder to stay focused when you are giddy with excitement! Make sure you put some time aside for further exploration – you won’t be able to stop yourself!”

– Product Marketer

“It is so much easier to find content (by product, date, vertical) and to leverage assets to create mini directed campaigns with my team. I also love the spot with news on our competition.”

– Product Marketer

“I like Highspot – it’s easy to use. I’m excited to see how it evolves over time!”

– Sales Rep

“Highspot makes my life much easier. One of the greatest things is that it is so visual – it’s like iTunes, which many people are already familiar with. The user experience is something I’m really pleased with.”

– Content Manager

Highspot is a fantastic tool. I absolutely love it, especially the pitch functionality – I use it a lot.

– Account Director

“Gotta say – Highspot is very cool.”

– Director of Field Enablement

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Highspot! I love it. I’ve been using it like crazy lately and I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me.”

– Regional Sales Executive