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Highspot improves seller efficiency via content analytics and visibility that benefit the business intelligence company’s bottom line.

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Key Results

  • Improved content findability with a flexible sales enablement platform
  • Gained performance analytics to show marketing and sales what’s working
  • Saved reps’ time and improved content quality
  • Improved conversion rates with a scalable, easy-to-use, integrated solution

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Challenge: Lack of Insight and Poor Searchability

Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing large or disparate datasets. But the company was lacking data — and thus, insights and visibility — about its own sales content. To be successful, Sisense’s sales reps need to be agile and responsive, combining up-to-date client and market information to meet the needs of any situation with the right piece of content. For reps at Sisense, content is king and can make or break a rep’s performance.

While sellers needed access to quality content that would provide them with knowledge on the spot, it wasn’t being met by the existing sales enablement approach. Content was poorly organized, and there was no system in place to provide information on how it was being used. As a business intelligence company, Sisense is invested in gathering and analyzing data across the entire sales cycle.

The company wanted the ability to harvest information from sales content usage and analyze it to improve sales behaviors and outcomes. The marketing team also needed information on how content influenced the buyer’s journey.

The existing system for content management was disjointed and didn’t have the flexible search capacity sellers required. Content managers couldn’t access usage information, so they were in the dark as to whether or not their material was being used.

For reps at Sisense, content is king and can make or break a rep’s performance.

The effort to gather this information took time away from primary job activities and prevented Sisense from optimizing their sales efforts to produce a return on the marketing team’s content investment. Poor integrations across the disparate systems that the company used to manage content created yet another challenge that prevented them from enjoying a streamlined sales content solution.

Rhiannon Staples
Quotation Mark

Highspot has helped us drive sales productivity. Our sellers can efficiently find the tools and information they need to engage buyers while tracking buyer engagement with content. From an admin perspective, it is incredibly easy to add content and the platform is incredibly agile. Intuitive search and filter capabilities enable sellers to quickly find content, and the backend analytics allow both sellers and content creators to see what materials are being reviewed.

Rhiannon Staples
Head of Brand, Sisense

Solution: Highspot Provides Sales Enablement at Scale

Sisense’s leaders recognized that a sales enablement platform built to scale would solve many of these difficulties. The company had a policy to move quickly to produce results for their clients, and they applied the same principle to own search for a solution to its sales content challenges. Sisense set a timeline of three weeks for the entire implementation of a new sales enablement platform.

This ambitious deadline didn’t prevent Sisense from thoroughly vetting available solutions. The company researched more than 20 vendors, had sales calls with 13 of them, and requested demos from nine. Four vendors made the final list, and from those, Highspot was selected as the winning solution. Highspot met all of Sisense’s key criteria, and the implementation created a single source of truth for all of the company’s sales content.

Daniel Klein
Quotation Mark

Highspot provides reps with the sales content they need when they need it. No matter who I talk to, I know what I need to deliver, where to go to get it, and I can deliver content immediately. It’s incredibly useful.

Daniel Klein
Director of Sales, Sisense

Results: A One-Stop-Shop for Sales Content and Analytics

The Highspot content management system makes it easy for Sisense to organize and find sales assets based a spectrum of criteria, including persona, sales stage, and format, among many others. The system’s agility allows sellers to filter and search using multiple elements at a moment’s notice. This saves reps time and improves the quality of content shared with target audiences.

With Highspot’s analytics capabilities, marketing and sales leaders gain visibility into how internal and external users are engaging with diverse content assets. Sisense uses this information to understand which content is used more and which content drives behaviors so that assets can be further refined to create desired results. In addition to platform agility and analytics capacity, Highspot stood out for its speed of deployment and modern UI.

Not only did the Highspot implementation come in under deadline, but the platform quickly solved many of the difficulties Sisense had faced. All content was unified into a single powerful resource that sales reps could search using a broad selection of criteria. The ease of use and agility that Highspot provides improved visibility into content resources and raised awareness of what’s available throughout the sales cycle. Sellers gained insight into what content exists and how to use it, and the product marketing team gained a deeper perspective on how the business interacts with content — in particular, what sellers are and are not using.

These improvements had a profound impact on the business. Content visibility has dramatically improved, along with prioritization, helping reps focus on activities that add to the bottom line.

Highspot stood out for its speed of deployment and modern UI.

Through the combined effects of engagement data insights and efficiency improvements, Sisense is accelerating conversion rates and revenue growth. Performance analytics have sharpened the marketing team’s ability to identify the content that’s working so they can focus on developing and optimizing the most valuable sales assets. Based on the resounding success of the platform thus far, Sisense is continuing to expand its asset library and is planning to use Highspot for training, as well as reseller sales and marketing content management.

Reps Lov Highspot
Reps Love Highspot
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