iRhythm ( is a digital healthcare company redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed by combining wearable biosensing technology with cloud-based data analytics and machine-learning capabilities. The company’s goal is to be the leading provider of first-line ambulatory electrocardiogram, or ECG, monitoring for patients at risk for arrhythmias.

The company has created a unique platform, Zio by iRhythm, which allows physicians to diagnose many arrhythmias more quickly and efficiently than traditional technologies, avoiding multiple indeterminate tests, allowing for appropriate medical intervention and potentially avoiding more serious downstream medical events, including stroke.

“I’ve been thoroughly impressed with everyone at Highspot. The overall culture and professionalism can’t be overstated. There are a lot of vendors out there who don’t act that way.” – Peter Alexander, Director, Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement

“Highspot brought an easy-to-use, in-the-moment functionality that we didn’t have before and it came in a much nicer-looking format. It’s simple and streamlined, with robust search that drives the right behavior. In addition, the reporting helps us see the usage data we care so much about.” – Carrie Berg, Senior Director, Commercial Operations


iRhythm was in an all-too-common predicament. The company’s sales reps were having trouble finding essential content and needed a far more powerful search experience. As a consequence, they were creating unnecessary and/or off-brand versions of sales content, had little idea how their content was performing, and were squandering customer opportunities. In addition, the company had few sales enablement processes in place and suffered from a shortage of execution consistency.


After evaluating an assortment of sales enablement vendors, iRhythm requested demos from five platforms. They subsequently shortened their list to three finalists, from which Highspot was selected. The company’s entire selection process required just thirty days.

iRhythm’s key selection criteria included ease of use, mobile capabilities, ability to support training scenarios, and value. By providing intuitive experiences and powerful search, along with the ability to present from tablet computers, remix content, track recipient usage rates and more, Highspot met each of the company’s technical qualifications. In addition, Highspot’s straightforward licensing is delivering significantly more value than competitive alternatives.


iRhythm conducted a 6-month survey of their field sellers. Using time savings as the key variable, the company estimates Highspot will generate a 340% ROI in Year 1 and a 391% ROI in Year 2. Two important catalysts are that reps are now able to quickly find the content they need and marketers have vastly deeper insights into content that’s driving revenue.

The company has also recognized benefits to its sales training program. With Highspot, territory managers have everything they need to succeed from their first day of selling. Plus, iRhythm now manages international training programs via Highspot. Today more than ever before, sales teams can quickly move up the learning curve using the same platform they rely upon for all of their sales content.


  • Reps were having difficulty finding the content they need to win deals
  • As a result, sales teams were creating additional content that was frequently off-brand and off-message
  • A shortage of content performance analytics contributed to misaligned priorities
  • Few sales enablement processes were in place and being followed


  • Highspot was selected following demos from five vendors
  • Key selection criteria included search, ease of use, mobile capabilities, ability to support training scenarios, and value
  • Highspot’s ability to track recipient usage rates and pitches, as well as the ability to remix content, were unique and compelling features


  • iRhythm has established a correlation between Highspot usage and rep performance
  • Using time savings as the key variable, the company expects to generate a 340% ROI in Year 1 and a 391% ROI in Year 2
  • The company’s marketing team now has greater insights into content performance
  • Sales training has adopted Highspot for an assortment of learning needs, including international onboarding


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