Author: Napoleon Huynh

Napoleon Huynh

Napoleon Huynh is a sales enablement strategist at Highspot, with a passion for enabling companies through technology that helps their people be successful. A graduate of the University of Washington, he is also an avid explorer of the Pacific Northwest outdoors, an advocate of community service (30,915 lbs. of food raised in his career), and a fanatic of an active lifestyle.

Sales Coaching: 4 Best Practices from the World of Sports

sales coaching best practices

What do sports teams, households, classrooms, and sales teams have in common? There’s a coach backing all of these teams who enables and motivates people to succeed. If you take a moment to think about it, you may begin to see coaches in almost every aspect of your life. Coaches can take the form of a parent, professor, mentor, The Voice, NFL head coach, sales manager, or even your friend.

From competing for my high school track team to my job here at Highspot as an account development representative, I attribute my growth, drive, and success to the individuals who have coached me: the coach who helped me perfect my form over the hurdle, and the coach who helped me close my first deal.

These coaches made a huge impact on me personally, and I’ve come to appreciate the skills with which they helped me develop. Coaching has been and always will be about helping your people experience meaningful progress and growth.

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