New real-time and market-enabled compensation models are providing better intelligence for both companies and employees, transforming the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science. With PayScale, both workers and employers have their finger on the pulse of their talent markets. Using crowdsourcing and big data technologies, PayScale has compiled the world’s largest database of 40 million individual salary profiles. Recently, Warburg-Pincus invested $100 million in PayScale to bring its combination of real-time data and on-demand enterprise to the challenges of attracting the best talent and getting the most from them.




  • Reps didn’t know what content was available and had a hard time finding content because it was stored in many different places
  • Content was too often out of date, ineffective, or redundant
  • Marketing was frustrated as too often the new content they built went unused because sales could not find it
  • Sales reps had no real-time information about how customers were engaging with their content


  • All marketing and sales content is now consolidated within Highspot
  • Content is available from within Salesforce and targeted based on opportunity characteristics
  • Reps use Highspot to flexibly share content with customers via both email and screen sharing


  • Sales knows where get latest and greatest content, saving an estimated 3 hours per week 
  • Sales rep feedback is overwhelmingly positive with reps saying that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the Highspot solution
  • Adoption is consistently high, with 95% of sales reps using the platform each month
  • Marketing has analytics to know what content is resonating with the sales force as well as with prospects


Melody BrownMelody Brown
Senior Vice President of Sales

“We originally adopted Highspot for its strong sales content management and analytics capabilities. But now that we are fully deployed, the sales team is also heavily using its pitching capabilities. Sales reps love the ease of use and the real-time alerts they get on how prospects are engaging with their pitches. Sales leaders love that they have the analytics to identify best practices across the team.”


Timothy LowTim Low
Vice President of Marketing

“Highspot solved a big problem for PayScale. Our best content was not getting reliably to the sales team and we didn’t have data on what content was driving engagement from opportunity to close. We’re a data driven organization, so we love Highspot’s analytics for optimizing this part of our business. I love that I can see what content is moving the needle on sales.”



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