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Seamless Pitching Provides Best-in-Class Online Sales Presentations

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Recently, Highspot pushed another set of product updates live with a slew of great features and usability enhancements. Innovation and product advancement happen pretty quickly around here, so we don’t always announce product updates, but this time, we thought these great features warranted a special shout out.

Highspot Live Pitch Seamless Screen Share

We’re constantly working to make our online pitching capability the best it can be and the best user experience on the market. We understand that our software is a window to your prospect and that an impressive, error-free user experience can help Sales close the deal.

For a long time now, we’ve provided integration with enterprise screen sharing solutions such as, Citrix GotoMeeting and Cisco WebEx to provide online pitching and demoing capabilities. This integration enables Highspot users to present content or provide a live demo online. Users are also able to email a presentation to a prospect and receive alerts when the recipients open, view or download the pitch.

In June, we launched Slide Cast to provide our users an elegant and lightweight (in-browser) way to present slide presentations.

This month we launched a new feature to Screen Share, a seamless way to transition from Slide Cast to full live demo mode all within the Highspot in-browser viewer. No switching systems nor downloading client application software is required. Now, presenters using Highspot Live Pitch can easily and seamlessly transition between Slide Cast mode and Screen Share mode in a very elegant and seamless experience.

With this update, we now offer the most advanced and user-friendly online presentation software on the market. Our customers have echoed this sentiment: “Highspot is better than [other online slide sharing solution] – it’s more polished and easier to figure out.” Check out the new Live Pitch Screen Share integration in action.

Customer Portals

In this release we also launched Customer Portals. These persistent micro-sites enable sales teams to create custom micro-sites for customers to aggregate, view and share content. When any recipient opens, views, downloads or shares content, the sales rep receives an alert and full engagement analytics, enabling a more informed and effective follow-up.

Content Genomics™ in Production

Earlier this summer we announced the beta release of powerful new technology, Content Genomics, that enables Highspot users to analyze how content evolves and which version of content is more effective in engaging customers and influencing revenue. Content Genomics is critical technology for ensuring that sales enablement analytics are accurate.

Full Data Pivot in Analytics

Already the leader in Sales Enablement analytics, Highspot now has more powerful data pivoting and filter tools in our analytics empowering the user to dive deep into the data to understand how content is being used and where it is most effective. For example, users can analyze content usage based on type, Spot, user group, individual user, time or any combination of the above.

Plus, a Full Sales Enablement Suite

These are, of course, all updates to Highspot’s Sales Enablement platform that includes the industry’s best sales content management system, online customer engagement and sales enablement analytics.

To understand Highspot in action check out our 3 min product videos online.