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Highspot + Salesforce + Slack: Elevate Your Conversations and Collaboration

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At Highspot, we are obsessed with making customer-facing teams more efficient and effective. That’s why we integrate deeply with Salesforce and Slack — two solutions that enable organizations to build their digital HQs and improve collaboration from wherever and whenever they’re working. This enables these teams to provide high-value Highspot content that they can share both internally and externally without ever leaving these applications.

Especially in a digital, work-from-anywhere world, it is vital that teams can efficiently communicate with prospects and customers through digital channels such as Slack. If your sales and marketing tech stack doesn’t integrate with these communication platforms, then your teams will spend more time hunting down information to inform customer engagements than actually having those meaningful, effective conversations.

Highspot’s integrations with Slack and Salesforce can reduce this friction, transforming Slack into an engagement layer where teams can share documents and log conversation updates. This enables teams to collaborate and complete tasks in one place — all without leaving Slack.

Here are a few pointers on using Highspot, Slack, and Salesforce together to up-level your conversations.

Share Content Using Slack Connect

Customer-facing teams have loved the ability to search for and share Highspot content with each other within Slack. We’re now extending this same experience to Slack Connect, where reps and customer success teams can collaborate directly in channels with buyers. In a few clicks, they can share content with buyers in Slack Connect and review engagement data within Highspot, saving teams time and keeping conversation records up-to-date.

Analytics down to the page and slide level, with metrics such as clicks, views, and engagement, are all captured within Highspot. This helps reps customize their follow-ups and respond more quickly with valuable content that accelerates buyer decisions. This also gives your marketing team insights into content effectiveness, helping them prioritize content to make in the future.

Engagement on content shared through Slack Connect is captured automatically in Salesforce as account activity.

Bookmark Important Content in Slack

In Slack, “bookmarks” allow users to save and elevate the most important Highspot content at the top of a channel or DM. Whether you’re in conversations with prospects or working internally with your teams, you can link to a pitch deck, Spot, or other content in your bookmarks to keep relevant information at users’ fingertips to save time. This can quickly transform your Slack Connect channel with a customer to an all-in-one deal room with content and engagements.

Access and Share Highspot Content within Salesforce

Users that integrate Salesforce with Highspot can access the entirety of Highspot without having to ever leave Salesforce. With this immersive experience, reps can open Salesforce to see curated content recommendations from Highspot on any record page. Directly from the record, they can share resources with a colleague, prospect, or customer. This saves reps time, gives buyers high-value content, and keeps records up-to-date, keeping conversations timely and effective.

Existing customers, want to learn more? Register for Spark, happening on November 3–4.

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