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Driving Innovation: Key Takeaways from the Discover Webcast

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When change is the only constant, it is essential to not only recognize the evolution of your business but to evolve with it.

This requires a commitment to innovation. As your team’s strategies evolve to enable the impossible and meet your goals, so should the technology you use to achieve them.

Highspot Discover, our Spring Product Launch webcast, focuses on driving adaptability through Highspot’s roadmap for innovation. Through trends like generative AI, technology consolidation, and driving execution at scale, Highspot has designed product innovations that support your team’s goals at every phase of its evolution.

Watch on-demand to be the first to learn about Highspot’s Spring Product Release, and keep reading to explore some of the innovations featured in the Discover Webcast 2024.

Accelerate Productivity with Generative AI

One of enablement’s primary goals is to improve efficiency and drive productivity, but when reps spend more time searching than selling, this can be difficult to achieve. One way to return this time to reps is by leveraging generative AI. 

With generative AI tools like Highspot Copilot, you can improve efficiency for reps and managers alike with in-the-moment coaching and automation.

For example, Copilot’s Instant Knowledge Check empowers reps to reinforce their knowledge through instantly generated quizzes. This form of micro-learning allows reps to brush up on knowledge before meeting with a customer or test their understanding of new content. And, just-in-time, self-led coaching empowers reps of all performance levels to build their confidence through short bursts of learning.

“AI will scale the amount of enablement that can be provided by the same number of team members,” said Chris Ho, sales asset manager at Uber for Business. “It will allow enablement team members to focus on higher-impact tasks while continuing to provide a tailored, just-in-time learning experience.”

Additionally, Highspot Copilot helps sales managers coach at scale with AI-generated instant Skill Feedback. When you include Free Response, Video Practice, or Meeting Review Questions in your reps’ coursework, Copilot can instantly generate feedback based on customized rubrics and examples of what good looks like to begin the coaching process in the moment of learning. This empowers your reps to make improvements to their skills while the experience is still fresh.

Finally, with tools like Instant Answers, reps can quickly find answers based on content across your Highspot environment. Like with instant skill feedback, Instant Answers enables reps to act independently and access the resources they need without interrupting their workflow.

“One of the things that I’m really excited about with Highspot is the door that AI opens,” said Alex Whisenhunt, director of sales enablement at CaptivateIQ. “Not just the ability for it to reduce the workloads of teams like mine on generating descriptions and helping create content, but I think it also allows a lot of the work of other teams to be translated for sellers in a more nuanced way that’s right for them.”

Leveraging AI, you can empower your reps to increase their productivity and efficiency with in-the-moment feedback and resources. This makes generative AI a game-changer for enablement technology, and it is especially important at a time when many companies are looking to optimize their tech stack.

Leverage a Unified Enablement Platform to Do More with Less

Economic headwinds are often a symptom of an ever-changing business landscape, and this means that many companies are evaluating their spending to see where they can drive growth more efficiently.

“[In terms of priorities], you can think of productivity and effectiveness as two sides of the same coin,” said Jamie Cleghorn, senior partner at Bain & Company. “Productivity is about spending less, but we tend to think of things more from the effectiveness side, which is asking how we can get more from what we’re spending.”

Consolidating your tech stack not only saves on cost, but if done correctly, it can optimize the work experience and actually increase productivity for revenue teams. For example, leveraging a unified platform reduces the total cost of ownership while still scaling the way your teams equip, train, and coach reps.

And, sales enablement integrations take this interconnectedness a step further. Focusing your tech stack around a unified platform like Highspot and the tools it integrates with creates a seamlessly interconnected workflow for reps.

Creating a single source of truth for your reps empowers them to navigate sales interactions confidently, which is key in driving productivity that reaches your team’s goals.

Drive Consistent Execution at Scale

Driving consistent execution means empowering sales teams with the tools and resources to support productive, efficient selling. When your sales teams are well-equipped, trained, and coached, they are more likely to be confident in their skills and perform at a consistently high level.

To achieve a high level of performance, however, it’s important to make sure you’re supporting your reps at every stage of the sales cycle. Several innovations highlighted in Discover support this effort, like equipping reps with AutoDocs, coaching with Meeting Intelligence, and using Team Scorecards to analyze performance. 

For example, AutoDocs helps reps by seamlessly customizing presentations for buyers. Not only does this improve efficiency by cutting down on the time your sellers spend creating new content, but it also improves buyer engagement by empowering reps to provide a personalized, marketing-approved experience for every customer.

Then, when it comes to coaching, you can leverage Meeting Intelligence to reinforce skills that drive consistent performance. This allows you to leverage real-world meetings to gain coaching insights into sellers’ skills and identify coaching opportunities so that you can build coaching sessions tailored to reps’ needs. 

It’s important to remember that driving consistent performance also includes enabling your sales managers, not just your reps. One way to support managers is by encouraging the use of Team Scorecards

Leveraging Team Scorecards, managers gain an at-a-glance view of their sellers’ performance, course completion, meetings, play engagement, and other key behavior metrics. This way, your managers can drive accountability and understand when, where, and with whom to take action for improvement.

As the modern business landscape continues to change, the role of enablement becomes increasingly vital to enable what was once impossible. And to be effective, enablement teams must commit to innovation, both in strategy and technology. 

Highspot Discover highlights the cutting-edge of enablement technology and demonstrates the innovations necessary to support productive and effective revenue teams.

To be the first to know about what’s new at Highspot and how it will help you drive change at scale, register to watch Discover on-demand.