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AI-powered Selling: A New Era of Sales Efficiency

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AI: the topic every organization is talking about, yet few understand how to use to drive business impact.

In fact, 71% of organizations don’t provide guidance to employees on how to use AI, and half of companies are skeptical about its impact. As such a hot topic with little guidance on using it, you’re likely wondering: Does AI actually help boost your go-to-market productivity, and if so, how? 

Go-to-market teams can easily use AI to improve their workflows, especially when it comes to automation, co-creation, and insights. With AI at their fingertips, sales teams can seamlessly discover resources that expedite action, connect with buyers more easily, and make more efficient decisions. Here are tips to leverage AI today in your business to optimize sales productivity.

Reduce Wasted Time and Expedite Action

One of the key benefits of AI is its ability to automate time-consuming tasks. For example, sellers often waste time searching for the right assets for their buyers, while enablement and marketing spend time governing content to ensure it’s relevant and discoverable for reps. Now, you can lean on AI to instantly organize and add context to your sales content to improve the clarity and visibility of your assets at scale. That way, sellers can find what they need faster and leverage the most effective content to engage buyers.

TIP: Use AI to improve content governance and findability, so reps can easily discover the resources needed to quickly take action. By governing your content more consistently, search results in your enablement platform will improve. Reps will also become more confident in your content – increasing adoption of your sales collateral. Customers using AI in Highspot to generate content descriptions have 20% better governance and 10% better content findability, driving 2.3x more views on their items.

Co-create Outreach and Increase Rep Efficiency

While automation is a key piece of the AI puzzle, so is the ability to co-create. Sellers can use AI to more efficiently craft their messages to buyers, which can free up capacity to better personalize and tailor engagements. By streamlining your email creation process, AI can help scale your sales outreach and enable sellers to start building relationships with buyers faster.

TIP: Empower sellers to more efficiently interact with buyers using AI. Customers who use Highspot Copilot to expedite the process of writing sales messages send 24% more emails, making it easier for reps to connect with buyers. By giving them a head start, AI helps reps work efficiently – allowing them to engage with more buyers and spend more time focused on moving deals forward.

Gain Instant Insights and Make More Efficient Decisions

When using AI within your enablement technology, you have access to greater intelligence at your fingertips which sales teams can use to take action. AI expedites the search experience, so sellers can quickly find the information they need while prospecting or preparing for a meeting. With more context, reps can take more of the right actions and make the most of their time. Injecting AI into your sellers’ workflows makes it easier to surface relevant information, so reps can make more informed and efficient decisions to provide the best customer experience possible.

TIP: Take advantage of AI to deliver automatic insights, enabling sellers to make decisions more efficiently. You can leverage Instant Answers in Highspot to ask a question and immediately get a response back, as AI within the platform scans material in your Highspot library to surface the answer. With access to instant insights, reps can be more informed and equipped to take action – as sellers who adopt Instant Answers engage with buyers 30% more.

Use AI to Enhance Sales Productivity

Consider AI as your digital assistant, by your side to help you streamline inefficiencies in your sales organization and encourage smarter, more consistent execution. Take advantage of the new power that AI can bring to make your organization more productive. Using AI to automate, co-create, and gain insights can enhance reps’ abilities to build relationships with buyers and unleash a new wave of sales efficiency for your business.

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