Content Genomics

Content Genomics uses machine learning to analyze content and track how it evolves, as it moves from marketing to sales to the customer. By the time a sales presentation reaches the customer, it typically contains many small modifications and slides that have been remixed from other sources. To accurately measure the performance of any particular slide or presentation, the platform must analyze every variation that is being used throughout the sales cycle. Content Genomics is patented technology that is a core component of the Highspot platform.

Content Genomics

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Track Content Evolution

Content evolves as it moves from corporate marketing, through the field and into the hands of customers. Sales teams customize presentations for their geo, product line and target audience. But this breaks marketing’s ability to track usage and performance. With Content Genomics, marketing can track all permutations of a piece of content, its usage, customer engagement, and impact in driving sales.

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Measure Performance

Without Content Genomics, each new version of a document looks different, making traditional performance analytics inaccurate. Content Genomics provides a holistic analysis of your content, including all variations, enabling accurate measurement of content usage, customer engagement and impact on sales.

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Analyze Message Quality

As Content Genomics tracks how versions evolve, you can analyze which version is resonating best with your prospects. Use real-time feedback to run A/B tests, optimize your message in order to improve content performance and sales conversions.

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Amplify Best Practices

Sellers need to know which version of a presentation is working best to move buyers into the next stage. Sales leaders can now track message improvements in real-time and adopt those best practices across the organization.

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