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Content Genomics

Content Genomics uses machine learning to map the DNA of content as it evolves across an organization, making it possible to accurately measure content performance and systematically increase sales effectiveness.

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Semantic Search

Highspot employs machine learning to store and categorize content and analyze how sales and customers interact with the content to customize search to each individual’s trends and preferences.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Highspot applies machine learning to the way content is used by your co-workers, how it is engaging your customers, and how it is driving revenue. We show each user the most effective content that is relevant for them.

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Advanced Analytics

A key to optimizing your sales cycle is getting accurate analytics on content usage, effectiveness and customer engagement. In most organizations, sales modifies the vast majority of content before presenting to customers. Without content genomics, marketing is only able to measure the original, unmodified content. Highspot enables you to measure the complete picture, providing holistic analysis of your content performance.

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Content Scoring

Highspot analyzes how content is being used by your sales team, how it engages customers, and how much revenue it has helped to drive. We score content so that sellers use the most effective tools to win the deal.

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Smart Feeds

Highspot constantly pulls fresh content from RSS-based and search-based feeds. Using data science, we find and highlight the most relevant articles about your company, your competitors, or your customers.

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