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Transform Your Business with Sales Enablement

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There’s an art and a science to driving sales performance.  The best sales enablement pros know the difference and how to employ both to their advantage.  By using best practices, they’re able to make a bigger impact on sales and marketing than ever before.

Today we’re launching the third and final volume of our best practices guides.  Like others in the series, Best Practices in Sales Enablement Volume 3: Transform Your Business showcases leading techniques for positioning and optimizing sales enablement investments.  It shares high-level concepts and proven real-world experiences, all while looking ahead to what’s next. 

To quickly recap: Volume 1 centered on how to get started with sales enablement.  We reviewed important roles, responsibilities, technology decisions, and the path to a successful launch.  Volume 2 was dedicated to deployment and ongoing operations, including content mapping, validation, training, evangelism, and maintaining high performance.  Both Volumes feature important recommendations and serve as a preface to today’s installment.

In Volume 3, we refine what it means to be a sales enablement expert.  Optimization, solution health, and strategic leadership are the focal points, with special emphasis on sales enablement as a key to improving conversion rates.

Highlights of Volume 3 include:

Optimizing Your Platform

Challenges documented, teams assembled, decisions made, and systems deployed, optimization is where the best sales enablement pros scale their impact and enlarge their possibilities.  In this chapter, we illustrate how to consistently deliver content that meets the needs of your sales team and positions your business to achieve long-term revenue growth.

Sales Enablement Leadership

The modern era of sales enablement is defined by usability reps love, seamless cross-platform integration, and actionable analytics.  This is where we highlight how to expand the impact of sales enablement processes and technology, from building an outstanding team to driving faster conversions through deeper insights.

Preparing for the Future

Businesses at the vanguard of sales enablement are quick to tout the advantages it has introduced and the potential that remains. This is where we describe how to stay on the cutting edge of sales enablement innovation and leverage your platform for broader integrations, multifaceted analytics, and tighter alignment across marketing and sales.

Modern sales enablement is transforming sales models and expectations.  The great news is that the technology supporting these activities can be readily implemented.  Better still, sales enablement best practices can result in sustainable competitive advantage.

Best Practices Volume 3 is available on the Resources page at, where you’ll find an abundance of additional sales enablement information.  This is also where we maintain a library of case studies, product videos, including our Highspot Overview and much more.

For quick reference, we recommend bookmarking the Highspot best practices page.  It’s our hub for sharing what we’ve learned over hundreds of customer engagements.

Be sure to join us for the final webinar in this Best Practices series.  It will take place on December 15, 2016 at 10am(PT).  Click here to register.

To learn more about how Highspot’s industry-leading sales enablement technology can help you manage, find, customize, share, and analyze your sales content better than ever before, drop a line to or request a demo.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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