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Straight from SiriusDecisions: Best Practices for Increasing Sales Productivity

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Content Management

Ask any B2B sales person about their content situation, and they’ll likely tell it to you straight: They have volumes of marketing material to sift through — and not enough time to do it.

Finding content in the various file repositories, SharePoints sites, local hard drives, and cloud file-sharing accounts where it might live can seem downright impossible, and for the most part, it is.

This is where a modern, structured approach to sales enablement with a sales asset management (SAM) tool can work wonders, but only if you choose the right solution for your organization’s unique needs.

SiriusDecisions recently published a new report that presents insights and proven approaches for increasing rep productivity with a SAM solution. The report covers the following topics:

  • Common problems organizations face in managing their sales assets. Red flags that indicate a company is experiencing problems managing its sales assets.
  • Core elements of a SAM solution. A review of primary and secondary elements to consider and how the SAM solution should integrate with existing technology.
  • Managing assets. Definitions of the assets that will be managed by a SAM system, a description of how to conduct a sales content audit, and how to tag sales assets, as well as implementation best practices.

Ordinarily, you must be a member of SiriusDecisions to access their reports, but we’ve arranged to make this one — SiriusDecisions Sales Asset Management: Best Practices for Increasing Sales Productivity — available with our compliments.

And, for those who are in Austin this week for the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange event, swing by booth 24 to talk more in person about vetting a SAM solution, and about our recent partnership announcement with Brainshark. We hope to see you there!