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Improve Sales Performance with Highspot and Brainshark

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Highspot and Brainshark have entered into a strategic partnership to give sales teams a complete, end-to-end sales enablement solution. By leveraging the capabilities of both companies, customers will have streamlined access to the content they need for every phase of sales training and content management. From onboarding reps to optimizing sales content and improving audience engagement, Highspot and Brainshark will empower companies to recalibrate what sales enablement can do for them and execute with greater agility than ever before.

The Highspot and Brainshark partnership will help sales teams become experts in their field quicker, engage their audiences more effectively, and share best practices in real-time. This combination will help customers of both companies accelerate their sales processes and increase win rates.

For sales enablement managers, this represents the first and only seamless solution that solves the two biggest challenges of sales enablement: 1.) content management and 2.) training. The combined solution not only enables sales and training content to be efficiently managed, delivered, and utilized, but also offers integrated analytics for optimizing sales strategy and execution plans.

Here’s a brief introduction to the partnership, co-hosted by Greg Flynn, CEO of Brainshark, and Robert Wahbe, CEO of Highspot.

Working together, Brainshark and Highspot will help customers improve performance in critical categories, including:

Sales Readiness: From sales onboarding and cutting new hires’ time-to-productivity, to quickly “re-boarding” an entire sales force in response to new products and messaging, sales enablement leaders require solutions to easily build, distribute and manage learning content and evaluate rep readiness.

Brainshark and Highspot customers will be able to take advantage of dynamic learning for sales onboarding, training, and coaching. These solutions provide a simple way for companies to take a competency-based approach to the ongoing development of their reps while empowering front-line managers to play critical coaching roles and hone team-wide performance.

Sales Content Creation and Management: Delivering the right content at the right time based on the buyer’s journey fuels a successful dialogue between sellers and customers. In addition, recommended content, coupled with quick access to selling tools and in-context training, eliminates time wasted looking for content and improves seller productivity.

With Brainshark and Highspot, customers will have a proven solution to improve performance and close the loop across sales, marketing and target audiences, all while ensuring sales teams are connected to the most relevant content for each situation. Plus, sellers can create new, rich-media content, and have easy access to all resources when and where they are working — including within their CRM, calendar, email and online learning environment.

Customer Engagement: Sales reps use a variety of technologies to engage their customers, including email, online presentations, micro-portals and telephone. Making this process more efficient, stable, dynamic and integrated helps reps reach their goals faster.

Brainshark and Highspot enable better customer engagement experiences for sellers and buyers. Whether through email, online presentations or sales acceleration tools, sellers are now able to engage buyers with their most effective content, regardless of format. In addition, sellers automatically receive real-time alerts when a customer opens, downloads, or shares content.

Performance Analytics: Ongoing performance analysis is the key to improving processes, training, content and pitches. Today, most organizations have a limited ability to track the impact of sales training and content. With Brainshark and Highspot, powerful analytics will close the loop and give sales enablement professionals the insight they need to measure what is working and where to focus sales performance improvement efforts.

Analytics delivered via Brainshark and Highspot range from onboarding and training to customer engagement, pitch effectiveness, sales rep performance and impact on revenue. By combining data and analytics from the two technology platforms, sales enablement managers using Brainshark and Highspot will be in a better position than ever before to continuously elevate sales expectations.

Agility is defined by Merriam-Webster as the quality or state of being agile, which is subsequently defined as the ability to move quickly and easily; quick, smart, and clever.  All of these terms might accurately characterize successful sales reps – and the modern sales enablement platforms built to support them.

To learn more about how to put the power of Highspot and Brainshark to work for you, sign up for a demo today.