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Set Your Sales Pitch Apart by Asking Informed Questions_Blog-Banner-Image_1200x734px

Although a standard part of any sales pitch, asking questions that are thoughtful and that highlight knowledge of the problem and solution are both rare and differentiating.

Great salespeople ask a lot of questions and spend a great deal of time listening to the answers they receive.  This not only helps to further qualify the prospect but serves to better position the offering as each piece of additional information adds context to the discussion.

Be very prepared to anticipate objections and rejection.  Rehearsing “hard questions” and their answers before getting to the sales pitch is a best practice so be prepared for them and understand there may very well be a trail of very negative experiences from other sales pitches leading up to your conversation.

The goal is to present a credible and knowledgeable perspective about the prospect’s needs as well as how those needs are addressed differently from other options on the market.

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