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Highspot University for Customers: 3 Tips to Get Started

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As with every tool in your organization’s tech stack, unlocking the true power and potential of the platform means learning some best practices along the way and applying them to help your team succeed.

Highspot University was developed to create a way for customers to independently learn and become experts within the platform to drive enablement impact within their organization. Enrolling in Highspot University means you can dig deeper into key features and build a strong foundation of knowledge while leveraging Highspot in your day-to-day roles. By combining platform knowledge with enablement expertise, Highspot University can help you run Highspot seamlessly in your organization.

Below, check out three tips to get started with Highspot University.

Establish Who to Enroll in Your Organization

Highspot University is designed to help uplevel the skills of those who navigate and use Highspot regularly in their roles. Whether building a solid foundation for publishers and Spot Owners or providing administrators and editors with new ways to optimize their Highspot environment, Highspot University can help you take advantage of every opportunity to maximize the value of Highspot for your team.

For example, consider using Highspot University as a key part of your onboarding process for new employees who will need to leverage Highspot for their roles, or use it to train your team on best practices to sharpen their skills.

“We’re in the process of hiring a new sales enablement analyst, so having something like this will be very effective in helping to onboard and train them,” said Frank Toy, senior director of sales operations and enablement at SS&C Advent.

Depending on your organization’s needs and goals, lessons, courses, and Learning Paths can help Highspot users learn the available capabilities to help execute your go-to-market strategy and effectively equip reps. With badges and certificates available upon completion of courses and Learning Paths, respectively, you can also validate that you and your team have completed the learning material to gain essential expertise in maximizing success with Highspot.

Determine Your Learning Experience

Coursework includes lessons, full courses, and overarching Learning Paths covering topics from administering the Highspot platform to establishing and executing a strong content governance strategy. Learners have several different paths they can take that are broken down into specific use cases.

To get started in Highspot University, you can enroll in courses using the List Groups in the left-hand Browse bar and use filters to sort through available content that fits your needs — whether you’re a beginner to Highspot or a more experienced user.

Courses have more bite-sized, on-the-go learning modules, whereas Learning Paths bring together several courses. Lessons can be taken at the learner’s own pace, and all build off each other, providing a more holistic view of each subject and area of expertise. Within each lesson, learners will see a list of lesson objectives, essential terms, and concepts to know with videos and quizzes to help them assess their understanding and learning of the subject.

“The thing that most impressed me was the different modalities,” said Toy. “You’ve got the videos, the presentation, and the transcript as well, so depending on their preferred learning method, you’ve got that covered. [There is] consistency across courses.”

For example, the “Basics of Content Governance” lesson guides learners through what governance actually entails within Highspot. Learners can then compare their content to a benchmark for good content governance, learn how to interpret different reporting features to audit, archive through Bulk Actions, and implement Spot Policies that align with your organization’s governance strategy.

“Governance is huge when you have multiple people that have publishing permissions. Reporting is huge,” said Lindsey Hunt, sales enablement manager at AffiniPay. “Having something asynchronous to study and learn is just so helpful.”

Connect With Other Learners in the Community

Beyond your own self-service journey with Highspot University, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of other Spark Community members can help put you and your team on the path toward future success. By asking questions in the Discussion Forum or replying to other threads, you can continue your learning with other Highspot users and discover best practices that could be the missing piece in your strategy and execution.

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