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Highspot Launches Transformative Capabilities that Turn Strategy into Consistent Sales Performance

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Fall 2021 release delivers AI innovation across content and analytics, launches Highspot Spark Community

SEATTLE, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams, today announced at its annual global user conference, Spark 2021, new capabilities that enable companies to equip, train, coach, and analyze their teams to drive consistent sales performance.

“At Highspot, we believe that every rep can be a solid performer. Every marketer can drive revenue. And every enablement leader can empower their teams to succeed,” said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. “Sales enablement done right drives consistent revenue performance. Our vision brings together one community and one unified platform to drive repeatable revenue growth for companies everywhere.”

Highspot is the industry’s only natively built end-to-end sales enablement platform that reps love, bringing content management, guided selling, onboarding, training, coaching, and buyer engagement together in a single, unified solution that gives revenue leaders everything they need to turn their strategy into consistent sales execution. The release further extends Highspot’s innovation leadership, delivering on what customers want today and anticipating what they will need tomorrow.

Engagement Genomics™ Provides Deep Visibility into Content and Sales Performance

Engagement Genomics™, Highspot’s new AI-driven inferencing capability, delivers a shared system of insights that enables revenue teams to make smarter decisions. Engagement Genomics auto-relates buyer engagement data to the appropriate CRM record, taking the manual effort out of connecting sales outreach to CRM records and providing a comprehensive view of buyer engagement results.

  • Marketers can tie sales content and plays to the revenue they influence, providing greater visibility into the impact of marketing campaigns on business outcomes.
  • Sales reps have less steps to take in understanding buyer engagement, accelerating their path to revenue.

All-New Scorecards Deliver Powerful Data Visualization

Last year, Highspot introduced Scorecards as the easiest way to engage with data inside the platform. Now the company is rolling out three new types of Scorecards, alongside existing Play Scorecards, that distill data into insights teams can use:

  • Rep Scorecards aggregate the data about a sales rep’s behavior to empower managers to have data-driven coaching conversations.
  • Content Scorecards reveal insights about the usage, revenue impact, and buyer engagement of content.
  • Pitch Scorecards provide a more in-depth view of how buyer outreach activity influences sales opportunities and revenue outcomes.

Enterprise Content Management Provides Better Control

Content Approval provides customers with increased governance over the content stored in Highspot.

  • Spot owners can keep all content organized, regulated, and on-brand, ensuring that all external messaging is accurate.
  • The ability  to delegate publisher authority allows thought leadership to flourish across an organization while providing a standardized process to regulate what is shared externally.
  • The content approval workflow creates a process that allows an audit trail for content, providing visibility into who uploaded it into the platform; how content was edited, updated, or changed; and who shared it with a customer.

Expanded Training & Coaching Delivers Learning Paths and Certifications to Uplevel Programs

  • Role-specific learning paths ensure reps learn efficiently and in sequence, so teams can create dynamic onboarding programs, ensure ongoing readiness and boost seller confidence.
  • Certifications and badging incentivize and reward sellers, setting centralized expectations across the sales organization for rep readiness.

Highspot Spark Community Inspires and Enriches Sales Enablement

  • This user-driven, digital community further empowers teams to push the boundaries of enablement. Highspot customers and partners can share best practices with peers across the globe, discover new ways to leverage the power of Highspot and inspire a vision of what’s possible with sales enablement.

Looking ahead, growth of the sales enablement category is poised to accelerate. Sales Enablement PRO’s seventh annual State of Sales Enablement report found that 74 percent of survey respondents now have a sales enablement function at their organization, representing 19 percent year-over-year growth. Usage of the Highspot platform continues to skyrocket, trusted by customers across industries including DocuSign, General Motors, Nestle, Siemens, Verizon Media, and many more. Highspot has connected more than eight million salespeople, channel partners, services reps, and customers in digital sales experiences, representing a 150 percent increase in platform usage from last year.

To connect with the leading minds in sales enablement, join the Highspot Spark Community. To see Highspot’s new capabilities in action, request a demo.

About Highspot

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With Highspot, our customers turn initiatives into the actions that sales teams must execute and enable sales leaders to measure what is and is not working with deep and actionable insights. Executing your strategic initiatives with Highspot increases revenue, drives consistent rep performance and improves rep ROI.

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