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Highspot and Brainshark: A New Standard in Sales Enablement

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Ask any sales leader to point out the difference between success and failure. Chances are, they’ll mention content and training before you can count to three.

Just as a good plan is only as useful as a team’s ability to execute it, so too an optimal sales enablement platform is a direct reflection of how it delivers the full range of what users need. The partnership between Highspot and Brainshark is built upon this premise.

Starting today, customers of both companies have seamless access to the features that make each unique. For Highspot customers, the power of Brainshark’s sales training solution is now available within the Highspot user experience. For Brainshark customers, the content authoring, training, and coaching they rely upon may now be accessed via Highspot’s industry-leading sales content management, customer engagement, and analytics platform.  It’s a partnership that rewrites the scope of modern sales enablement capabilities and helps sales teams overcome their most daunting effectiveness challenges.

“The fact that reps will be able to access Brainshark training on the Highspot platform will simplify sales processes and improve our ability to deliver high-performing content,” said Pete Alexander, Director of Digital Marketing at iRhythm. Carrie Berg, Director of Education and Training at iRhythm, has a similar point of view: “Brainshark makes it easy to create an impactful curriculum to help us expediently onboard and train our reps. In addition, the Brainshark and Highspot integration will help us tie sales training to customer-facing materials to create a seamless and more complete sales process.”

In summary, the combined strengths of Highspot and Brainshark will deliver unprecedented customer value via:

  • Seamless user experiences make it easy for reps to find the assets they need, when they need them
  • In-context learning to improve participation rates and knowledge retention
  • Powerful options to easily create, share, manage, and track sales content
  • Unified analytics to better identify best practices and optimize sales processes

Here’s a short video highlighting key aspects of the partnership and what it means for sales reps.

Every day, we hear from customers seeking to upgrade their sales enablement strategies and tactics.  They’re tired of toggling between platforms and developing workarounds for incomplete solutions. Instead, they want to give their sales teams a greater assortment of unified options, increased flexibility, and the tools they need to work smarter. The Highspot + Brainshark partnership is making this possible at greater scale than ever before.

Minimize Barriers, Maximize Performance

The secret ingredient in achieving breakthrough results is technology platforms that allow sales leaders to get more out of their content, their team, and their plans. Request a demo today and learn more about how Highspot and Brainshark can help put the the sales enablement industry’s most complete solution to work for you.