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Activate Buyer Urgency to Accelerate Business Results

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The way that organizations buy today has evolved, making the process more challenging than it used to be. With information overload, large buying committees, and restricted budgets, modern buyers struggle making purchasing decisions. So how do you motivate buyer urgency to keep deals moving forward?

This question is top of mind for sales leaders today, as research we commissioned from a leading B2B research provider confirmed that driving buyer urgency was ranked one of the top three sales challenges for CROs this year.

When reps empower buyers with new and relevant information, sellers can reduce buyer indecision and expedite sales cycles. In fact, more than half (58%) of CROs believe that ensuring reps can effectively engage buyers is what good looks like for sales enablement. 

Here are data-driven tips to optimize your buyer engagement and enable your reps to win more deals.

Streamline Consistent and Compelling Messaging

A rep’s first touchpoint with a buyer begins with the initial pitch – often via email, social media, or over the phone. The more compelling the interaction between a buyer and seller, the more likely a buyer is to meet and make a decision.

Messaging created by individual sellers risks being off-brand and inaccurate, and the process is time consuming. Ensuring all of your reps know how to speak to buyers effectively requires supplying them with consistent, compelling messaging.

TIP: To maintain consistency in sales outreach, create curated messages packaged with relevant content that reps can easily share with prospects and customers. When our customers use Pitch Templates, reps pitch 242% more – meaning more consistent messaging going out to buyers. The more reps pitch content, the more on-brand, on-message initiatives get in front of buyers.

Understand What Content Works With Buyers

Once you ensure reps are using the right messaging in their pitches, evaluate whether it’s compelling enough to break through the noise and capture buyers’ attention.

Enablement can help reps understand what assets and messaging resonate best with buyers by monitoring content engagement. When sellers understand how their buyers are engaging with materials shared, they can better gauge buyer interests and tailor engagement to buying needs.

TIP: Track how buyers engage with your content, so reps can share materials that will drive buyer confidence and expedite decision-making. In fact, when organizations understand what content engages buyers, they report a 3-percentage-point decrease in deals lost to no decision.

Enhance Buying Experiences to Build Confidence

Buyer uncertainty leads to a 30% reduction in a buyer’s ability to make a purchase decision. Today’s buyers need reps to be partners who will provide new value and clarify the buying process for them.

Reps can help guide buyers to make a decision by simplifying and personalizing their buying experience. Doing so increases buyer confidence in your solution, empowering your prospects and customers to take action with their teams and accelerate deal cycles.

TIP: Create enhanced buyer experiences through Digital Sales Rooms, which are personalized microsites that centralize resources for buyers throughout the sales cycle. On average, content pitched with Digital Sales Rooms has 8% higher buyer engagement. And when using the Highspot platform to foster their buyer engagement, our customers report an average 16% faster sales cycle time.

Guide Reps to Engage Buyers Effectively

With a streamlined ability to engage buyers through personalized experiences, providing contextual guidance can help reps know when and how to best interact with buyers throughout their journey.

By putting content in context, sellers can understand their buyers’ needs at different points in the sales process, share the assets that resonate best for each situation, and learn how to use different resources effectively with buyers to keep deals moving forward.

TIP: Deliver contextual guidance to sellers through Sales Plays. Reps that use Plays see 22% higher buyer engagement with pitched materials, with a 14% increase in pipeline opportunities and 12% increase in win rates.

Engage Today’s Buyers and Drive Revenue

In a sales landscape where buyer urgency is dwindling, optimizing buyer engagement can be the secret ingredient to help you break through the noise and empower buyers to take action. By applying more rigor to your enablement efforts, ensuring reps engage buyers with the right content and in the most effective ways, you can drive urgency, build pipeline, and close more deals.

This blog post is part of Highspot’s new research-backed blog series, Highspot Insights. With the help of our research teams, we provide data-driven best practices for sales enablement. If you have a topic you’d like to learn more about, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.