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hone skills and transform team performance

Hone Skills and Transform Team Performance

Deliver training programs that engage sellers, provide on-the-job knowledge, and empower reps to become masters of their domain.

Broaden seller knowledge and diversify skills through our natively built training capabilities. Whether you’re delivering industry-leading sales methodology content or promoting powerful product messaging, it’s all available and reinforced as part of a single enablement platform.

Deliver Skills-Based Training

Evolve your team’s existing knowledge base and expand seller capabilities to boost engagement.

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Infuse seller learning paths with industry-leading content from dozens of world-class experts

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Take advantage of on-demand and virtual instructor-led training material with a single click

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Optimize and refine your training programs to cultivate a team of consistent performers

create dynamic training programs in minutes

Develop Star Performers

Transform sales managers into sales leaders by giving them the visibility they need to develop domain expertise.

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Monitor learning progress to know which sellers are on a path to certification

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Use analytics and reporting to identify skills gaps and opportunities for growth

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Leverage scorecards and rubrics to help reps understand areas for improvement

measure rep performance

Put Learning in Context

With Highspot, selling and learning materials are accessible together in a single platform to accelerate rep development.

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Make relevant training content easily discoverable so it can be quickly referenced as soon as a seller needs it

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Reinforce knowledge gleaned from training content as part of day-to-day selling scenarios

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Combine content, sales plays, and training materials to boost competency and confidence

put learning in context
To execute with confidence and achieve success in the sales moments that matter, today’s sellers need continual access to skill training, tools, and support resources in their daily workflow. This means relevant content, at the seller’s fingertips, in the moment of action.
Andee Harris, CEO, Challenger
Andee Harris