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The Story Behind Highspot’s Hypergrowth, from the CEO

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Highspot has always been about people.

When Oliver, David and I opened our first “office” in a small blue house in a Seattle neighborhood, we knew two things. First, we wanted to transform the way millions of people work with technology. And second, we knew that in order to do so, we needed a team.

But not just any team – the right team – people who believed in Highspot’s mission as much as we did. People who were driven by delighting customers. People who were ready to build breakthrough software with a spark of magic.

Employee by employee, Highspot began to grow, as we found forward-thinkers excited about creating a product at the intersection of people and technology. It wasn’t long before new faces started walking through the door by the dozen, and that blue house turned into a waterfront Seattle headquarters and multiple operations around the world.

From those early years through today, Highspot’s team has operated on the core principle that people are the engine of every company. Without the people, there is no product. And without the product, there are no customers.

No matter how great your ideas are, you need the right team to make it happen.

Where We Are Today

I’m proud and humbled to say that we’re now 800 people strong, and over the past decade the idea of Highspot has become a reality. More than 8 million people have engaged with our platform in the last year – a fact that inspires and fuels us.

Whether you’re one of our employees, hundreds of thousands of users, dozens of partners, or nine investors, your support, passion, and commitment has been the driving force behind Highspot’s tremendous growth, and for that, I am grateful – thank you all.

If you know Highspot, you also know this – we’re just getting started. I’m excited to share that we recently closed our $248 million Series F round, bringing our total capital raised to $648 million and post-money valuation to $3.5 billion.

Sales enablement has become a universal need for businesses of all sizes, in every industry, across geographies. In our changing world, it is a fundamental requirement for companies looking to empower their people to drive scalable, predictable revenue growth.

Whereas some sales technology aims to support closing a specific deal or drive automation, our platform is centered on people and giving them the resources they need to do their best work. We’re focused on enabling teams to equip, train, and coach their customer-facing employees to become the best they can be – because we believe people are the power behind every company. By unlocking the potential of your people, you maximize the potential of your business.

Where We’ll Go Tomorrow

Before looking forward, I’ll reflect back on how far we’ve come. In the past 12 months alone, Highspot has celebrated many milestones: We delivered industry-first product innovation; doubled the size of our EMEA business; launched operations in France and Australia; experienced a 150% increase in Highspot platform usage; led customer satisfaction ratings across peer-review sites like G2; launched the Highspot Spark Community; launched the Highspot Marketplace; earned national recognition for growth and culture, appearing on the Forbes Cloud 100, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces.

These are incredible achievements, and the tangible outcomes of the hard work of our people.

The Series F funding will accelerate our growth and innovation as we deepen our investments in product, international expansion, and hiring across every team, so that we can bring the power of enablement to more customers around the globe.

At Highspot, our people build software for people. While our technology has continuously evolved, our core mission has not changed. Years ago we set out to empower millions of people to do their best work – and in this next chapter we’ll continue to do just that.

If you’d like to join us on this mission, we’re hiring. I look forward to inventing a bright future with you.