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The Secret Sauce for a Winning Sales Culture

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In sales, you win some and you lose some — but when it comes to walking into your office every day, you should always feel like a winner with the full support of your company. That’s why we’re proud to share that Highspot has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For by Selling Power.

For 18 consecutive years, the research team at Selling Power magazine has gathered data and evaluated companies based on the following categories: compensation and benefits, sales rep onboarding, sales enablement, sales training, and sales culture. With a focus on helping sellers be their best and establishing a passionate and positive organization, Highspot ranked among other companies including Google, Microsoft, and Paylocity.

What ingredients make up a winning sales environment? To get the inside scoop, we sat down with some of our Highspot teammates. Here’s what they had to say:

Best-in-Class Sales Enablement

“Sales enablement ensures sellers have the necessary support to make the most out of every sales interaction. Whether I’m sending an email, making a cold call, or preparing for a meeting, I can easily access all the trainings we’ve done, all the coaching we have, and all the presentations and content that I need to support my conversation. For sellers, it’s always about being prepared and knowing the prospect before you engage. Highspot supports being a modern seller in an age when information is readily accessible and buyers expect sellers to bring new value to every interaction.”
—Nima Abtahi, Account Development Representative

“Modern buyers move fast — which means sellers also need to. Because Highspot provides insight into what content sellers are using and, most importantly, what’s resonating with buyers, it’s easy to openly communicate with marketing, other reps, and the broader team about what’s working and what’s not so that we can focus efforts effectively as a team and innovate at the pace of business.”
—Sydney Meyer, Account Executive

“One thing I can’t go without is the end-to-end analytics. When I send out pitches, I can see how my buyers are engaging, which helps me know how to strategically follow up. I’ve actually had multiple times where I’ve seen potential buyers engage with pitches from a long time ago, and I was able to pick up the conversations again because I knew what was top-of-mind for them.”
—Nick Matson, Account Executive

“Highspot helps us create a great customer experience at every turn. When customers ask for something, I can easily search keywords to locate valuable information, I can create customized content, or I can access a variety of resources to find what they need. Having content at our fingertips helps us deliver what customers want at the right time. When someone asks for a case study, we can provide it 30 seconds later.”
—James Milligan, Account Executive

Best-in-class sales enablement builds a winning sales culture

Continuous Training and Support

“Our sales people are passionate, excited, and driven to be the best they can be. We believe in cultivating talent and providing an environment where everyone is equipped to excel and supported to pursue their individual career goals as they progress with the company.”
—Matt Weil, Vice President of Sales

“We’re continuously optimizing our training as we grow. There is always continued support in the form of live sessions, mentorship programs, and workshops. For instance, every Thursday we do product trainings where we cover simulations, new messaging, or other top-of-mind updates. In addition, we reinforce training through our own sales enablement solution, where reps can easily access materials when they need them. Sellers have this amazing software to help them find answers at all times.”
—Kendall Michaud, Enablement Manager

“Immediately at Highspot, you feel very invested. During the first few months, you focus on gaining a deep understanding of the product, the industry, the process, and sales skills — everything you need as a rep. You know that the company not only wants you to know the product features, but they also care about investing in you as a person and helping you develop your professional skill set.”
—Julie Levine, Senior Manager, Account Development

winning Highspot employees benefit from training

A Collaborative, Celebratory Environment

“Everybody celebrates each other’s wins. If you have a good discovery call that moves forward, you get to hit the buzzer and everyone cheers. We also have a monthly MVP award where we recognize an individual rep who performed very well or accomplished something outstanding that month in front of the entire company.”
—Micki Serles, Account Development Representative

“A winning sales environment requires recruiting, hiring, and retaining tenacious, passionate, and goal-oriented individuals that are committed to the company’s vision and to each other’s success. We focus on building teams where trust and transparency are paramount, which makes for an inclusive and motivational culture that inspires and stretches people to do their best work.”
—Haley Katsman, Vice President of Account Development

“With an open office concept that makes it easy to share best practices, ping-pong games and plenty of healthy snacks on stock, the environment makes me excited to come to work every day and really boosts my morale. We all acknowledge each other’s success, which keeps us motivated and encourages me to sell even more.”
—Haley Olson, Account Development Representative

“When we get notice of a closed deal, there’s a spark throughout the office. We’re happy for that single individual who closed, and we all know that we’re one step closer to the ultimate goal we share to create and provide breakthrough products that transform the way millions of people work.”
—Napoleon Huynh, Account Development Representative

Inspiring people, top sales enablement, and a commitment to continuous career development? Sounds like a winning recipe to us. Come #WinWithHighspot and check out our openings today!