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Sales Enablement: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Medical Device Reps

Posted in:  Sales, Sales Enablement

As a medical device sales rep, you work to change lives for the better every day — but who is helping change yours?

When your long hours are filled with scheduling appointments, device demonstrations, and navigating the field, daily life can cause aches and pains. Our current life sciences customers including ERT, IQVIA, and Phenomenex have provided insight into the challenges that medical devices sales reps regularly encounter. The good news is that as the industry’s most trusted sales enablement platform, Highspot has the solution.  

Here is how Highspot is the prescription you need to thrive:

Pain Point:
You are constantly on the go. With multiple shared drives, storage solutions, and file types, you lose precious time switching between technologies.
The Cure:
Highspot is an end-to-end sales enablement solution that allows teams to organize, find, customize, share, and analyze all content in one place. Overwhelmed with the thought of adding a new technology to your life? Highspot works where you work. With more than 50 certified technology integrations, Highspot naturally fits into your day-to-day workflow and integrates into the apps, devices, platforms, and technologies you already have in place. Access content on your mobile device with our intuitive UI, add a deck to your Outlook email outreach, or share content during a Zoom web conference. Highspot plugs into all major technology areas like file storage, CRM, email, SSO, sales training, and more, simplifying your routine tasks and saving more time selling.

Pain Point:
With your potential customers, every minute matters. Poor Wi-Fi connection or time wasted searching for content could cost you an opportunity—and a million-dollar deal.
The Cure:
Highspot provides quick, convenient access to the content you need, anytime, anywhere. Confidently walk into hospitals throughout your territory knowing the information you need is at your fingertips no matter the Internet connection quality. When a doctor asks an impromptu question, easily locate the datasheets and infographics that provide the answer. Highspot helps you take advantage of each selling moment with the most effective client-facing content, even offline. Our semantic search employs machine learning to customize search to each individual’s trends and preferences so that you can instantly find the best content for every scenario that brings value to the table.

Pain Point:
One word: competition. The medical device market is crowded, and standing out is difficult.
The Cure:
In a noisy space, be heard by delivering what your prospects really want, every time. Highspot’s advanced analytics allow you to measure and optimize the performance of your content across the sales cycle, providing visibility into what is working and what is not. With insight into content usage, effectiveness, and customer engagement, you can learn what content to use at each stage of the buyer’s journey and how best to customize it before presenting it. You may think research reports are the most effective to close, but in reality, the data shows that fact sheets are the content type most likely to win you the deal.   

Pain Point:
In your industry, sharing out-of-date information resources could not only lose business but impact lives.
The Cure:
Reduce risk with current and compliant content. Highspot provides a single source of truth for sales and marketing teams. With our version control and content sharing capabilities, you will always have the latest approved client-facing content. Not only can you send out the most up-to-date content confidently, but you can rest assured knowing that if that material needs to be updated at a later time with more current (and compliant) content, that you can go back and modify your pitch with the latest and greatest material with ease.

You deserve the same level of care that your customers give their patients. Relieve work-related pains and improve your day-to-day with a long-term solution that not only addresses symptoms, but cures the problem. Ready to thrive with Highspot? Request a demo today.

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