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LearnCore + Highspot Integration to Provide Access to Content, Coaching, and In-Context Learning

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According to Mark Lindwall of Forrester: “The onus is on sales leaders, sales trainers, and other sales enablement professionals with responsibility for training the sales force, to revamp current development practices and realign salespeople to their buyers’ needs so that buyers experience more valuable conversations that make it easier to buy.”

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with LearnCore, the innovative video coaching and learning solution for sales and customer success teams. Through this integration, we’ll work together to focus on helping sales teams better leverage their training within the context of their content and daily sales activities. By combining LearnCore’s innovative approach to sales rep learning, testing, certification, and coaching with the power of Highspot’s sales enablement platform, the integration provides reps with one-stop access to the tools they rely upon for effective customer conversations.

The integration allows LearnCore’s Pitch IQ video content, as well as courses and lessons, to be presented anywhere in Highspot, including alongside related sales content. In addition, Highspot’s content recommendations allow reps to quickly access and view LearnCore content when and where it will best impact their ability to win deals. Reps are also able to access LearnCore’s sales training via Highspot’s integration with CRM platforms such as Salesforce. This combination will help sales teams streamline rep activities, improve content utilization, and expand best practices.

“In-context learning is critical to sales rep performance,” said Robert Wahbe, Highspot CEO. “This integration will help sales teams drive higher training participation rates and knowledge retention because it positions sales training content where reps can efficiently consume and act upon it. Layer in content management and analytics, and sales teams have more of what they need to close deals on a single platform.”

“We are very excited to partner with Highspot to make it as easy as possible for our customers’ sales teams to leverage learning and content at the right place and right time,” said Vishal Shah, LearnCore CEO. “Together, we can add more value to sales teams and complete the enablement cycle.”

LearnCore is joining the dozens of companies integrating with Highspot to provide a high-value, robust experience for sales reps to help them be more effective and close deals. Request a demo today and learn more about how Highspot and LearnCore can help your reps be more effective with the content and learning they need to drive revenue.

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