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Highspot Report: Sales Enablement Tool Helps Finance Companies

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The first State of Sales Enablement Report in Financial Services highlights opportunities for enablement to drive business outcomes in the industry 

SEATTLE, April 13, 2023 — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced findings from the first State of Sales Enablement in Financial Services report. As enablement becomes mission-critical to driving revenue and increasing productivity, financial services firms are adopting enablement technology to bring operational rigor to their sales processes. The survey highlights enablement’s growing role in building resilience among client-facing professionals in the financial services industry and helping them thrive in any environment. 

The research, which surveyed 100 professionals in the financial services industry across banking, accounting, investment management, and insurance, outlines how sales enablement is structured in the financial services space and reveals opportunities for enablement practitioners to create consistent value for their firms. Topline findings demonstrate the growth and traction of enablement within the industry: 

  • Sales enablement within financial services has grown in priority: 66% of firms have a dedicated enablement person, program, or function, while an additional 22% have one planned for the coming year. Organizations that use enablement tools report being 8x more likely to have highly engaged reps and 4x more likely to provide insights into what works.
  • Sales Plays increase win rates: Clients look for a personalized experience when working with their financial professionals, and 34% of respondents believe that clients today have increased expectations around personalization. Organizations that leverage their sales enablement tool to create Sales Plays report 3-percentage-point higher win rates.
  • Formalization boosts efficiency and drives results: While 32% of firms have a formal enablement charter, 26% have an informal approach, and 14% execute one-off projects. Those that leverage a formal enablement charter report 3-percentage-point higher rep quota attainment. 
  • Sales enablement is central to client experience: Cultivating a positive client experience is top-of-mind for financial services organizations, as nearly 20% of teams struggle with their client experience and retention, and 18% listed it as a top enablement goal. 

“The financial services industry is undergoing a monumental shift, as client expectations reach new heights in an increasingly challenging landscape,” said Kelly Lewis, VP of Revenue Enablement, Highspot. “With formally structured teams and organizational support, enablement can turn a patchwork of sales strategies into operational rigor, empowering companies’ client-facing teams to be more effective, efficient, and provide value in every engagement.” 

As financial services firms adapt amid changing client expectations and intensifying competition, sales enablement tools are an increasingly integral part of the modern tech stack for the industry. From helping reps build personalized experiences for clients to ensuring strategic initiatives are realized on the frontlines, enablement is more central to financial services than ever, and the impact continues to grow. 

Read the complete State of Sales Enablement in Financial Services report here.

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