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Highspot Announces Content Genomics™

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Today, Highspot has announced revolutionary new technology that is critical for accurate analytics in sales enablement solutions.

Content Genomics™ tracks the DNA of content as it evolves across an organization, and it is the first application of machine learning to marketing and sales content.

Highspot was founded with the goal of solving the sales enablement problem to make it easier for sales reps to find the content they need and make them more effective in closing sales. We knew that a holistic solution would rest on 3 pillars, all vastly superior to the content systems of yester-year:

  1. Intelligent and flexible content management platform that makes it easy for sales teams to find the content they need
  2. Powerful and elegant pitching and email systems that make it easy for salespeople to engage customers
  3. Robust analytics that enable sales and marketing to measure what is working and to optimize performance.

While all of these pillars represent vast improvements over past solutions, analytics is the cornerstone that closes the loop between sales and marketing and provides the data to systematically improve sales effectiveness. Only through accurate performance analytics can an organization learn, improve, and optimize. We quickly realized, however, that there was a hole in the dike. The majority of content that a sales teams uses — sales presentations, in particular — are personalized for a given prospect or customized for a specific selling situation.

Once a file is modified and saved under a new file name, the continuity between those two documents is lost and the performance analytics lose their accuracy. Our customer analysis shows that 80% of marketing and sales presentations are modified and remixed before they are delivered to the customer.

Without Content Genomics, analytics misses 80% of the picture. Imagine a scenario where the ‘officially sanctioned’ sales presentation is pitched to 1,000 prospects. But each time, the local sales rep adds the customer’s logo, changes the date on the title slide, and maybe adds a slide covering “items we discussed last time.” They then upload the content to their awesome pitching software and share it with the client. Without Content Genomics, traditional performance analytics would show this as 1,000 unrelated pieces of content being pitched 1,000 different times, even though they are fundamentally the same presentation.

How it Works

Content Genomics is patented technology that analyzes numerous signals for each piece of content, such as text, color, size, aspect ratio, and graphics. It applies machine learning to determine a genetic code for the content, identifying slides and pages that are related even though they are in separate documents and have been modified. This information is then used to provide an accurate analysis of all of the content used by the sales team, measuring usage and performance across the sales cycle.

Content Genomics is a foundational component of the entire Highspot platform. It powers many features, including advanced analytics, semantic search, intelligent recommendations and content scoring. We’re very excited about this technology and its potential for changing the game in sales enablement analytics. It has already provided valuable insights to our beta customers, such as how content is being modified in the field and what content is actually being pitched.

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