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How We’re Bringing Generative AI to the Highspot Platform

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Right now is the toughest selling environment years – but it’s also a time of immense opportunity. Sales, marketing, and enablement teams have access to technology advances that were once only possible in science fiction.

As companies everywhere work to achieve more with less, Highspot is obsessive about helping our customers drive efficient growth. Today, we launched our Spring ‘23 release, delivering capabilities that unlock new levels of sales productivity. Highspot gives you an unmatched system to add operational rigor to your sales process, taking the guesswork out of what good looks like so you can scale winning behaviors across your team during a time when some companies will pull ahead, while others fall behind.

Generative AI innovation has opened a world of possibility – and it means big things for revenue teams: you will have an always-on assistant to automate, co-create, and provide instant insights at your fingertips. Even as AI makes waves, we’re only feeling the first ripples of how AI will help you drive growth. Imagine a world where AI prepares your salespeople to walk into every customer conversation armed with deeper, more accurate insights and personalized content that appeals to the individual prospect they’ve ever had before – and what’s more, it only took 15 minutes instead of hours.

Highspot has been at the helm of sales enablement innovation for the last decade, delivering technology that drives lasting rep behavior change and ruggedizes them to sell in any landscape. And over the past three years, our dedicated Science team has been behind the scenes building a strong foundation to leverage the power of large language models and natural language understanding to deliver features that will increase both productivity and performance for our customers. This work now steps to the forefront in our Spring ‘23 release.

We’re proud to share a look at Highspot’s generative AI capabilities designed with our customers’ needs at the core:

  • Generate content descriptions: Instantly create descriptions for your Highspot content with the click of a button. Marketing and enablement teams can now expedite the process of adding context to content – ensuring reps and buyers alike receive clear, compelling, AI-generated descriptions alongside every asset.
  • Search instant answers: Access answers at lightning speed. Salespeople have a lot on their plate, and taking time out of their schedule to search for answers disrupts their flow of work. With this new capability, reps can query their company’s entire collection of resources in Highspot to generate answers in seconds – no digging required. Consider a rep who needs to quickly follow-up with a prospect about pricing after receiving an urgent email from them: the rep can type directly into the search bar, “What is the pricing for [insert product]?” and in the blink of an eye the answer will populate at the top of the search results in Highspot.
  • Create a Pitch: A pitch can make or break buyer engagement, which is why reps often get bogged down during the critical sales pitch creation step. Now Highspot is speeding up this process with an AI functionality that automatically drafts a personalized email to accompany content being shared, so reps never have to look at a blank text box again. Helping reps go from “writer” to “editor” leaves more time to add the human touch that moves the deal forward.
  • Generate fast and accurate transcriptions: Support accessibility standards and enable reps to find what they’re looking for in non-text based, digital media content. This feature provides highly accurate, text-based interpretations of audio and video in 13+ languages. Sellers can search for specific words and phrases in audio and video files, so they can share just the right asset with their buyers.

What’s most compelling to me about the possibilities with generative AI is that it can serve as a co-creator and advisor helping you through every step of the sales process. With the capabilities we’re building, our customers will be able to do amazing things with the data they’ve already worked hard to create, add, and govern in Highspot – truly enabling you to achieve more with less.

The tough times won’t last, but tough sales teams will. Leveraging our latest innovations to equip, train, and coach your people will enable them to master what good looks and thrive no matter what. We’re excited about today’s launch and to continue transforming sales enablement for years to come. If you’d like to come on this journey with us, log into Highspot to start using these features, and together we’ll invent the future.