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Forget About Resolutions and Focus on Effective Customer Engagement

Posted in:  Buyer Engagement, Sales and Marketing Management

It’s that time when we all look forward to a new year and make resolutions to read a little more, exercise more frequently, or just better some aspect of who we are and what we do.

Resolutions are great and many people make them and stick to them. For others, they quickly fade or just become an afterthought as the year gets rolling. For sales professionals, resolutions are useful, but this year, why not resolve to improve when and how you communicate and interact with your customers and prospects?

Rather than sending “spray and pray” email campaigns designed to cover the most people with the least amount of effort, try to target your outreach and follow up based on where a prospect is in the buyer’s journey.

A proven and intelligent sales playbook is an essential building block of this more effective engagement approach. Don’t forget about the “last mile” of engagement which is the actual meeting or pitch. Share slides, explain value, and send actionable follow-up content that helps buyers make better decisions.

Knowing what is used and when is a huge piece of sales intelligence that most organizations lack.

Gather data and create a closed feedback loop so that the marketing team understands what content is performing or where there are gaps. Give sales leadership insight into individual sales representative performance and activities, including how effective their interactions are after a meeting or call.

All of this is available through the advanced analytics that are at the core of a sales engagement platform like Highspot. Here’s to a happy and productive 2015 filled with more effective customer engagement and more closed deals!

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