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Bringing Our Customers New Training & Coaching Advancements

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Highspot launches Training & Coaching module support for expanded sales learning use cases

With organizations spending $2,020 per rep a year on training, it’s unsurprising that 95% of sales leaders reported that sales training is the most important form of enablement for their teams, according to CSO Insights.

In the brave new world of remote work and virtual selling, sales training software has become the means by which reps adapt to the sell-from-anywhere environment. What was once a profession based on in-person relationships has shifted to virtual interactions.

Highspot equips reps for the world in which they live today, trains them to face the challenges of tomorrow, coaches them to perform at their best and analyze the impact on your bottom line. With Highspot Training & Coaching, customers can build onboarding programs in less than half the time previously required and reduce time-to-first-sale by up to 75%.

Today, Highspot supports the training endeavors of companies ranging in size and scale from established enterprises like Lamar Advertising to rising startups like Dialpad.

Dialpad’s Director of Enablement Alex Whisenhunt shared that before Highspot, Dialpad’s LMS “wasn’t scalable for a small enablement team to spin up and run without hiring a full-time employee just to run that learning management system.” Highspot changed that, improving the company’s speed of training delivery by 30%. “Not only is this a lean, fast, easy-to-use system, but on top of that, it lives where my sellers live,” said Alex.

While Dialpad successfully addressed a widespread challenge, many organizations are still facing an uphill battle. With significant investment in e-learning with SCORM over the last 20 years, re-building lessons in contemporary training solutions can be time-consuming and costly. Even some best-of-breed sales training solutions wall off SCORM lessons as a separate lesson type, without the ability to use them across various courses or store them in multiple spots. Highspot is delivering a solution.

Now Available in Highspot

Corporate LMS Lesson Migration

You can now import SCORM 1.2 lesson files into Highspot courses. Sales trainers who have content in an authoring tool that exports SCORM 1.2 files can now easily migrate all their training into Highspot.

corporate lms lesson migration

Microlearning with AI-powered Recommendations and CRM Targeting

Lessons in Highspot can be treated the same as any other item within Highspot, with the ability to target your lessons directly to reps’ deals in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and take advantage of our AI-powered Search and Recommendations. You can create the learning your reps need in the size and format they will consume, and then make it available to them at the point of need.

microlearning with ai-powered recommendations and crm targeting

Practice Pitches to Improve Rep Performance and Participation

With the shift to remote work, virtual selling has been catapulted years into the future. The web conference meeting with a customer has become the way that sales works today. It follows that recording and evaluating reps’ practice pitches has become the real-world exercise of structured, critiqued, and perfected sales practice. With the ability to save videos to a Spot in Highspot or turn videos into a searchable item when top performers record a stellar pitch, Highspot makes it possible to show what good looks like across your sales teams with video challenges.

practice pitches to improve rep performance and participation

Sales Play Scorecards

Highspot’s end-to-end platform brings together your courses and lessons in the same place as your sales plays and marketing content. Play scorecards unify data from across different Highspot modules and showcase that data in a visual, easy-to-understand way how reps spend time on content, training and engaging target audiences in the context of the play, and measuring the impact on business outcomes. Rather than cobbling together data from multiple systems, customers can now easily gain insight into GTM progress and rep behavior.

sales play scorecards

Win Together with Highspot Training & Coaching

Highspot Training & Coaching ensures sellers have the courses, lessons, and reinforcement exercises to increase confidence and improve performance. Whether you face the challenge of driving training adoption or demonstrating the impact of sales training on your bottom line, Highspot has you covered.

Contact our sales team today to discover how we can help you drive the adoption and business impact of your sales training programs.