How Jamf Improved Buyer Engagement by 13%

With Highspot, Jamf streamlines high-impact customer engagement and builds trust and efficiency across teams.

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Securing and managing 32.3 million Apple devices and endpoints across the globe is no easy task, yet enterprise device security and management provider Jamf makes it look simple. But the team at Jamf chalks it up to their dedication to two core values: selflessness and relentless self-improvement. Indeed, it’s a successful model; by centering customer experience above all else, Jamf has cultivated over 75,000 global partnerships. Along its ever-evolving quest for self-improvement, Jamf encountered Highspot, choosing the like-minded platform to level up its buyer engagements. 






Seeking a Single Source of Truth to Create Cross-Team Alignment

As Jamf’s revenue enablement team sought to optimize their outcomes, they knew their success hinged on enabling more than just their sales team. When the team set their sights on a cross-team enablement strategy, they soon realized that they lacked the reliability of a single source of truth. Without it, they worried that their internal audiences might disengage from their initiatives. “Trust is key,” shared Alyssa Haukaas, manager of revenue enablement operations at Jamf. “That’s something we’ve worked really hard to achieve at our organization. If you don’t have that trust, you try to build initiatives and they just crumble.”

To build that trust, the revenue enablement team sought a way to create the single source of truth they — and their reps — craved. “One of the things people came to us all the time to say was: ‘We want a source of truth. We want somewhere we can go to find everything,’” explained Haukaas. As they parsed their options, the team knew the solution they chose needed to ensure their initiatives effectively reached every corner of the organization and equipped every revenue team. More than that, it needed to operate in a way that made utilizing enablement easy and valuable. “We wanted to make sure the actions we enabled were actually going to make an impact in an easy way,” explained Haukaas. 

To cultivate an environment driven by relentless self-improvement and cross-team partnership, Jamf implemented Highspot, confident the platform could strengthen its internal bonds, echo the value of enablement across its teams, and drive efficiency and effectiveness in every role.

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Our goal was to spark high impact with low effort for not only our sellers but also our people administrating Highspot, the people publishing on it, and all of our marketing friends as well.

Alyssa HaukassManager of Revenue Enablement Operations, Jamf


Centralized Platform Empowers Revenue Teams

As Jamf built out its Highspot instance, the revenue enablement team strove to create a single source of truth every revenue team could turn to. “We worked closely with other teams and partners within our organization to help them personalize their experience,” shared Haukaas. Creating Spots tailored to key teams’ needs unlocked organization-wide trust, sparking 81% recurring usage of the platform and ensuring every team was equipped with relevant resources and content.

Once every revenue team was operating within Highspot and engaging with enablement initiatives, the team wove Sales Plays into their strategy and quickly saw a 27% increase in adoption. Contextual guidance and best-practice strategies began to shape reps’ performance, sparking newfound consistency across Jamf’s go-to-market teams. From there, the next step was to begin leveraging Highspot’s buyer engagement capabilities. With Digital Rooms, the team scaled reps’ outreach efforts while standardizing the quality of every buying experience. 

Using tailored microsites to engage buyers throughout their lifecycle streamlined the sales process for Jamf’s customer-facing teams. “We lean heavily on team selling,” explained Haukaas. “We’re able to hand a Digital Room off from our sales development rep to an account executive to the post-sales customer success team.” With Plays shaping best-practice behavior and Digital Rooms delivering it to buyers, the team has cultivated consistency and streamlined its approach to buyer engagement. Through their efforts to enable every customer-facing team, Jamf’s revenue enablement has realized the impact a robust platform can have on an organizational scale. “[Our teams] are able to make a big impact with a lot less effort than they had to in the past,” continued Haukaas.

That’s the importance of a clean, simplified, and personalized experience. Buyers can find what they need easily; sellers can effectively and efficiently do their job.

Alyssa HaukaasManager of Revenue Enablement Operations, Jamf


Relentless Self-Improvement Sparks Stronger Buyer Engagement  

From the outset, Jamf sought to energize its customer-facing teams and ramp their potential — a central objective it has more than delivered on. With every revenue team at Jamf now operating in lockstep — and within Highspot — it was easier than ever to drive core outcomes. “The biggest thing we’ve gotten out of using Highspot as a platform is a single source of truth,” noted Haukaas. “It reduces the time our teams spend finding content and helps them be more effective and efficient in their roles.” 

While the team has noticed improvements across the board, their buyer engagement strategy has sparked significant returns, generating a 13% increase in buyer engagement since launching Digital Rooms for their go-to-market teams. Although the team has achieved the impact and alignment they initially sought, the relentless pursuit of self-improvement never stops at Jamf. Now, the team is looking ahead and beginning to map out their next steps with Highspot. “I’m really excited to see what’s coming next,” enthused Haukaas.

Since implementing Highspot, we’ve had significantly more usage of all our materials and just overall more engagement. We’re equipping our team members to do their jobs more effectively.

Alyssa HaukaasManager of Revenue Enablement Operations, Jamf