Sales Content Management

Content is at the center of the sales conversation, and your sales content management solution should keep every seller efficient with easy access to the information they need. Highspot reinvented the legacy sales content portal with a new modern approach that marketing and sales love.

How does Highspot help you win more deals?

Browsing and Filtering

Browse and filter sales content by meaningful characteristics such as product line, customer segment, region, or whatever makes sense for your business. No tagging necessary, Highspot provides a more flexible and effective approach using lists and filters.


Salesforce Integration

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy setting up your CRM system. The content that your sellers need should be instantly available when they are working on an opportunity.


Highspot Semantic Search

Search For What You Need

Today, the document or sales presentation you need is probably out there … somewhere. But it takes too much time to hunt around for it. With Highspot, use semantic search and we’ll do the work for you.


Intelligent Recommendations

Highspot applies advanced machine learning to the way sales content is used by your co-workers, how it is engaging your customers, and how it is driving revenue. We show each user the most effective content that is relevant for them.

Cloud File Sharing Integration

If your company is using cloud file systems like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, Alfreso, or others, Highspot integrates with them so you can keep your content wherever you want.

Sales Communications

With Highspot, it’s easy to create landing page experiences that cut through the noise of traditional field communication channels. Provide much-needed context and focus for product updates, sales plays, new content and more.


Highspot makes it easy for sales reps to create personalized sales presentations based on the unique dynamics of every deal, without losing the link to the source content. Reps always have the latest content, and are notified when new slides are available.

How does Highspot help you win more deals?

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