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Replicate and Celebrate Winning Sales Performance with Gong and Highspot

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Seventy percent of organizations report that selling has become more challenging over the past 12 to 18 months. In our digital, work-from-anywhere world, sales teams have traded in the company office for the home office. Reps no longer have water cooler conversations or overhear their peers debriefing about calls. Without these interactions, reps could lose both a sense of camaraderie and point of inspiration.

While your team may experience fewer human interactions, technology can help you invent new ways of building community and sharing insights. Recently, Highspot and Gong deepened our integration, so you can share examples of great sales calls with your teams and get a more complete view of buyer engagement.

You can now add Gong calls to Highspot Spots, training courses, and sales plays to share what “good” looks like with teammates. Not only is this a scalable way to reinforce desired rep behaviors, it’s an opportunity to celebrate a rep’s successes. Sharing the “game tape” of a winning conversation lets one teammate shine and others to learn from it. The water cooler may never come back, but technology can still bring the human element back to selling.

Technology can also help bridge gaps. Now more than ever, your team is likely relying on a robust tech stack to get things done. However, with so many tools, it’s hard to get a full picture of buyer engagement- until now! View buyer outreach completed with Highspot’s Pitch function – including when a rep shared content and when the buyer viewed it- alongside emails, meetings, and Gong calls on Gong’s Activity Timeline.

The integration is now live. To get you started, here are some ways you can use Highspot and Gong together to improve rep performance, accelerate buyer decisions and cultivate community:

Tip #1: Share Gong calls in sales plays

Highspot’s sales plays give reps guidance on what to know, say, show and do in specific buyer situations. Now, enablement and marketing professionals can add Gong calls into sales plays, so reps can listen to examples of what “good” looks like and replicate desired behaviors. Reps have comprehensive guidance in one place- they don’t even have to leave the sales play to listen to the call.

Another advantage to sharing Gong calls in your sales plays is that you can see how many reps are listening to the call and absorbing the sales play using Play Scorecards. Play Scorecards show how many reps have viewed the play and for how long, how buyers are engaging with Play content, and how the Play has influenced revenue, so you can understand its impact.

Tip #2: Share Gong calls in trainings

Highspot training allows organizations to communicate and learn effectively to drive large-scale, behavioral change. Add Gong calls into Highspot training courses to reinforce desired behaviors and increase knowledge retention.

Use our Rep Scorecards to track a rep’s progress with assigned training, including how many courses the rep’s completed and the rep’s average score on quizzes. This helps you see the value of your training investment with Highspot and understand whether a rep is ready to sell.

Tip #3: Track Highspot activity on Gong’s Activity Timeline

Before your reps head into their next meeting with a buyer, or hit send on their next email, advise them to check Gong’s Activity Timeline to understand the buyer’s journey and engagement with your company thus far. Did the buyer open the latest item of content they sent? Did the buyer email them back? Help them formulate a follow-up plan rooted in reality – by using data. By getting a full picture of engagement, and tailoring their next move based on that, your reps will be able to accelerate the sales cycle and provide the buyer a more personalized experience.

“Using Gong and Highspot together has leveled up our sales performance: not only can we view the game tape, we can scale the best practices we find across our sales team. Seeing buyer engagement in one place has helped us accelerate deals. We feel confident that our reps will achieve their sales goals faster and more often, and expect to increase our win rates by 5% this year with the support of these platforms.” –Brandon Hale, Director of Sales Operations, AlertLogic

With access to shared learnings and improved visibility into the buyer activity, your reps will be more successful and productive at work. According to Forrester, equipping workers with the right tools to collaborate and share knowledge can lift company sales by 20%.

Not yet using Highspot? Learn more about Highspot and Gong can increase rep productivity by requesting a demo.

This integration is available for all users. Highspot administrators can view this article to learn how to set up the integration. Customers can click here to learn more about using Highspot and Gong together.