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Highspot Sales Acceleration Partners Fill a Growing Need for Sales Enablement Expertise

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We all know that dynamics between buyers and sellers have changed and continue to evolve faster than the time it takes a hot prospect to turn cold.

As power shifts increasingly to the buyer, sales organizations must transform — or get outmaneuvered by competitors. Buyer demands make it more difficult to engage, connect, and close deals, especially as these buyers become educated earlier in their journey. The 2019 State of Sales Enablement report found that more than half of the respondents noticed today’s buyers conducting more research prior to engaging sales than ever before.

The antidote is great technology that puts the right content at the seller’s fingertips at the right time. But this still leaves a major wildcard — the quality of the content itself. While Highspot can help pinpoint content that’s working or not with analytics, the content’s quality must be addressed with deep expertise.

That’s exactly why we’re so excited to announce the introduction of Highspot Sales Acceleration Partners.

The Last Mile of Sales Transformation

Sales enablement dramatically improves sales productivity through intelligent content management, semantic search, guidance alongside assets, and powerful analytics. What’s more, those actionable analytics also reveal areas for improvement in existing sales processes, content, and go-to-market tactics — the last mile of transforming traditional sales organizations into modern teams that drive deep buyer engagement.

The Highspot Sales Acceleration Partners program is designed to propel our customers across that last mile to gain true competitive advantage. This first-of-its-kind program pairs the industry’s number one customer-rated sales enablement technology with unparalleled sales and marketing expertise from the most credible experts in the industry to deliver end-to-end sales transformation.

With this new offering, customers will have access to exclusive content and guidance from Highspot’s Partner experts — all directly from within the Highspot platform. Our initial set of Sales Acceleration Partners includes a broad range of services from world-class organizations including Challenger, CustomerCentric Selling, DSG, RAIN Group, and ValueSelling.

Winning Teams Combine Modern Technology and Processes

Highspot’s Sales Acceleration Partners satisfy our customers’ growing appetite to enhance, improve, and transform their sales performance. These partners have decades of experience in best practices across sales methodology, sales training, sales playbook consulting, and much more, providing a comprehensive resource to instill success patterns that make a real impact.

Winning over buyers in an increasingly difficult and ever-changing sales environment requires best-of-breed technology and processes. We’re proud to deliver the first comprehensive solution pairing sales enablement and expertise in a single platform, ensuring Highspot customers can stay ahead of both market changes and their competition.

Highspot’s Sales Acceleration Partners have included free content within Highspot in individual Spots that customers around the world can leverage in their own environments. Please schedule a demonstration or contact to learn more, and stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks for exclusive posts from our Sales Acceleration Partners, who will be sharing proven success patterns for greater sales efficiency and effectiveness.