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Highspot Launches Industry-First Scorecards to Deliver End-to-End Enablement Insights

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Sales organizations today encounter two major problems:

Inconsistent rep performance: While many organizations report achieving revenue targets, participation rates (that is, the percentage of reps who achieved quota) are much lower. This inconsistent performance across sales teams can contribute to numerous problems, including rep churn — an expensive consequence.

Lack of actionable insight into performance: Lacking data results in inaccurate forecasts, unpredictable sales pipelines, and low quota attainment. For enablement leaders, it’s a time-consuming, labor-intensive process to stitch together the data that matters most to their sales and marketing leaders. Often, by the time the insights surface, the window to capitalize on opportunities is lost.

Today, Highspot launched industry-first, unified Play Scorecards to address these issues. When organizations are highly effective in their use of data to optimize sales processes and plays, they see win rates that are 7% higher than those that are less effective. With Play Scorecards, organizations can reduce their time to insight by up to 90%, eliminating the need to splice together data from multiple systems.

highspot play scorecards

Play Scorecards provide answers to four key questions about an organization’s sales plays:

  • Do sales reps understand the strategy captured in the play?
  • Are they executing the strategy?
  • How are customers responding to the strategy?
  • Is the strategy driving measurable business outcomes?

Highspot brings together data from content activity, guidance consumption, training progress, customer engagement, and revenue from CRM opportunities. It’s the fastest way to capture both the leading and lagging indicators of success for your sales plays, so you can provide the insight into performance that sales leaders crave and reduce the time to prepare for monthly and quarterly business reviews.

To date, Highspot customers like Synthego are using Play Scorecards to better understand the performance of sales plays that focus on product launches, targeting new buyer personas, and upskilling sales reps.

“I wouldn’t have even tried to pull this data together without Play Scorecards — it would have been too difficult. This is a level of insight I didn’t have before! We’re able to look at everything holistically, hold people accountable, and see trends over time.” –Harrison Waid, Senior Director of Commercial Enablement, Synthego

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