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Highspot Privacy, Data Protection, and GDPR Compliance

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Nothing is more important than the success of our customers using the Highspot platform as well as the protection and privacy of both their data and the customers and prospects they engage with using Highspot.

While today represents an important milestone in consumer privacy and protection with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation going into effect, Highspot has always made privacy a top priority and data protection is a key pillar of our values. With tens of thousands of sales reps in some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations using Highspot as their primary system of customer engagement, we take these issues very seriously.

To ensure all GDPR compliance requirements have been satisfied, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of all Highspot data practices as it relates to EU customers including data consumption, data processing, and data storage within the Highspot platform. Through our compliance work, we have created new processes and procedures to meet GDPR requirements. Specifically, these include:

  • Information use that’s fully transparent GDPR requires organizations provide information about the way an individual’s information is used
  • More visibility into processing Under GDPR, every individual must be able to access a copy of their personal data and know where it’s being processed
  • The right to be forgotten Under GDPR, individuals have the right to ask the organizations they work with to delete their personal data

Highspot’s DPA (Data Processing Agreement) outlines the processes and procedures that we have put in place to fulfill and all GDPR related requests when they are received. To get full details about Highspot’s GDPR readiness, security standards, and privacy protocols visit or send your inquiries directly to

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