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Focus on Customer Need and Desired Outcome in Your Next Sales Pitch

Posted in:  Best Practices, Buyer Engagement, Sales, Sales Pitches

This is all about focusing on the “why” of the equation vs. the “how.”

There will be plenty of time to get into the details on how a product or service satisfies the need, but spend some time understanding the problem being addressed and the specific outcome the prospect is seeking.

Elevating the conversation to this level establishes a common ground for the conversation and an approach to itemize all the things that would define success.

Once those are known and agreed-upon, the seller is in a much better position to highlight how their product or service addresses each of the issues and delivers the path to success.

Getting into features or capabilities that are confusing or even irrelevant to the conversation at this stage can distract both parties and lead to a very negative outcome. Regardless of what is being sold, focus on the solution that the prospect is seeking rather than the features you offer.

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